VAT Refunds for China-based Manufacturers Contracting Overseas

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Oct. 21 – The State Administration of Tax has issued Guoshuihan [2009] No. 538 concerning treatment of export VAT refunds (exemptions) on overseas contracted projects carried out by manufacturing enterprises.

According to the circular, a manufacturing enterprise with VAT general taxpayer status exporting goods of its offshore contracted projects is entitled to the following treatments:

  • The “exempt, offset and refund” policy shall apply on both self-produced goods and non-self produced goods, provided that such goods qualify for tax preference under current regulations and that the export transaction is recorded as sales for accounting purposes
  • VAT will be levied if the goods are specifically disallowed for VAT exemption (refund) under current regulations
  • Exports of other goods, including personal effects, will be given VAT exemption

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