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Our weekly round up of other news affecting foreign investors throughout Asia.


Investing in ASEAN’s Tea Industry

The ASEAN region’s warm climate and fertile soil is suitable for tea cultivation. The consumer market is also regarded stable which makes the region’s domestic tea sector equally important. The article looks at prospects for the tea industry in Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia.


Audit in India – Key Considerations for Businesses

An audit report can be invaluable in helping companies manage their business better and address problems or loopholes going forward by identifying irregularities and errors.

This article explains the processes a foreign-invested enterprise in India can expect to undergo during a statutory audit, and what companies need to know and prepare to make the audit process go smoothly.


Russia Spending Billions on National Digital Economic Development Programs

Russia’s digital economy development national program is to be funded by over US$26 billion over the next five years to make its economy more competitive.


Uzbekistan Offers Visa Free 30 Day Access to 45 Countries

Uzbekistan has granted visa-free access for up to 30 days for travelers from 45 countries from February 1, 2019. A Silk Road visa program by Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are also expected to follow.


Vietnam: New Laws to be in Effect in 2019

In 2018, the Vietnamese government passed several new and amended laws which are going to come into effect in 2019.

The laws primarily focus on wages, environmental projects, food industry, rural development, cybersecurity, and administrative procedures.

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