Belt And Road Weekly Investor Intelligence #104   

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Tuesday, October 25, 2022  

Compiled by Chris Devonshire-Ellis   

In which we examine Xi Jinping’s statements concerning the BRI at the latest CPC Congress, look at Indonesia’s potential for joining BRICS, and examine Turkmenistan’s increasingly important role in the Middle Corridor. The Western end of that is developing as Georgian trade increases, while Azerbaijan improves Turkiye’s access to Baku by opening a new international airport in the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region. India’s purchasing of cheap oil from Russia may spur European investment into the country as manufacturers go on the hunt for cheaper energy solutions.      

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China’s 2022 CPC Congress & Implications For The Belt & Road Initiative 

Overseas investment to continue with a more prudent lending policy while existing debt negotiations are ongoing.  


Indonesia, Hosting The G20 Next Month, Is Also Eying BRICS Membership   

Geopolitical Bets Are Being Hedged As Countries Begin To Align Away From The G7’s Sphere Of Influence.   


Turkmenistan-Azerbaijan Trade Volumes Up By 620% 

The data is significant as it reflects fast-growing trade volumes to Europe from Central Asian trade.   

Russia, Turkmenistan To Launch Container Service Along INSTC 

Turkmenistan officially joined the INSTC last month and has a Caspian Sea Port at Turkmenbashi, which provides rail access to Uzbekistan and further east to China. Russia’s Caspian sea ports are on the Caspian northern coast in the Astrakhan region and additionally provide shipping access to the massive Volga River.  


East Zangazur Economic Corridor Opens New International Airport 

Presidents of Azerbaijan and Turkiye attend the ceremony of the strategically important transport route.     

Georgia’s 2022 Foreign Trade Turnover Up 35.3% 

Georgia has been a beneficiary of the Ukraine conflict and Russian trade in particular, with Georgia receiving about US$1.2 billion in income from Russia in 6M 2022 through remittances, tourism, and commodity exports, about 2.5 times higher than the same period in 2021.  


Russia-India Bilateral Trade To Track To Reach US$40 Billion As Cheap Oil Exports Increase 

Setting up in India can alleviate an EU/UK energy crunch as cheap energy fuels productivity and GDP growth.  

Sberbank Given Permission To Open Client Rupee Accounts In New Delhi   

Russia’s Sberbank has received permission from the Reserve Bank of India to open Rupee accounts for Russian clients in India.  


China’s Belt and Road & Beyond     

A global media roundup of all the latest international news, analysis, and opinion from the BRI. 

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