Belt and Road Weekly Investor Intelligence #12

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Tuesday, January 19, 2021  

Welcome to this week’s issue of China Briefing’s Belt & Road Initiative Weekly Investor Intelligence round up.

We explain the impact of China’s Foreign Ministerial visits to four of the ASEAN nations last week, the implications of China placing the Belt & Road Initiative at the heart of its foreign aid policy, and take a good look at differing European perspectives: What the new EU-China trade and investment deal actually means for EU businesses and where are the Asian and BRI opportunities for British businesses in the wake of Brexit.

China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s Mini 2021 ASEAN Tour: Highlights 

China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi visited Myanmar, Indonesia, Brunei, and the Philippines, providing COVID vaccines to steady regional economic recovery, while numerous bilateral and Belt & Road projects were initiated.  

China Places the Belt & Road Initiative at the Heart of its New Foreign Aid Policy

China’s State Council Information Office has issued a White Paper: “China’s International Development Cooperation in the New Era.” This replaces previous announcements and upgrades the entire Foreign Aid Policy by refocusing and renaming it while also introducing new initiatives.

EU, China Reach Agreement on Investments in Principle: What Does it Mean for Businesses

The EU and China have concluded in principle the negotiations for a Comprehensive Agreement on Investment (CAI). We look at the impact and advantages of the deal and how it will benefit EU traders and investors.  

Post-Brexit Britain Has a Lack of Asian Trade Agreements, but There Are Opportunities in ASEAN and China for British Investors

Buying from China? The United Kingdom has been slow to cement trade ties in Asia, and ASEAN, especially, has an immense consumer market that can be tapped into by British exporters. Further, political differences are clouding market opportunities in China and Hong Kong even as these markets are diversifying.

Opportunities for Brexit Britain Along China’s Belt & Road Initiative

China has been very active in developing hard and soft infrastructure in BRI nations, many of whom have a long history of trade with the UK. We look at how British businesses can take advantage of China’s infrastructure investments and provision of tax incentives along the BRI. 

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