Belt and Road Weekly Investor Intelligence, #32

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Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Welcome to this week’s issue of China Briefing’s Belt & Road Initiative Weekly Investor Intelligence round up.

Welcome to this week’s issue of China Briefing’s Belt & Road Initiative Weekly Investor Intelligence round up.

An important Eurasian development, though ignored by Western media, took place last week with the SPIEF 2021 being held in St. Petersburg. Numerous far-reaching discussions and investment development plans were finalized, impacting Europe and Asia. Our analysis of this, and specific details on plans for the Far East are included in this week’s round up.

China is also ramping up East Asia’s RCEP agreement, and we examine how this compares with the European Union and USMCA. We also look at the UK’s application to join the CPTPP, an Asia-Pacific trade bloc that China, India, and the United States are all interested in.

Finally, we take in the new trans-Eurasian multi-modal transport routes, including the Northern Sea Passage and discuss how Sri Lanka is taking a leaf out of the Singaporean Government Investment model.

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SPIEF 2021: Economic Forum Highlights and Analysis

Putin’s Views on the United States and Biden / Visa Free Vaccine Tourism / Tesla in Russia / Russia-China Trade / Total De-Dollarization / Greening the Economy / Pakistan Gas Stream / Sukhoi Superjet Deliveries / Russian-Japanese Medical Clinics

State Development Plans in the Russian Far East

Russian Far East Special Economic Zones / Vladivostok / Tourism Development / Regional Cruise Line and Airline / Northern Sea Route / Clean Energy / Population / Property Development

The RCEP. Asia’s Equivalent to USMCA and the European Union

RCEP’s market is 2.5 times larger than that of the EU and USMCA while Asian free trade will continue to expand North and West.

The Asia-Pacific CPTPP Takes New Shape with UK Membership Application

Chinese membership of the CPTPP would help China reform, an issue the CPC may be considering in order to further develop its SOE’s, although vested interests within China will prove resistant to this. Meanwhile UK investors should be looking at Asia Pacific markets for opportunities.

Preferential Investment Zones in China’s Greater Bay Area

The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (the GBA) is a national initiative aimed at building a world-class city cluster in Southern China. It is a key driver of the country’s technology ambitions, market opening reforms, and facilitator of the Belt and Road initiative.

The Suez Canal Blockage Has Incentivized Multimodal Transshipment Development Throughout Russia

Far Eastern Russian ports and rail to Europe are replacing traditional Suez Canal routes.

Sri Lankan Government Follows Singapore’s Temasek’s Redevelopment Model

The Sri Lankan Government is to launch the first of three new ‘Special Purpose Vehicles’ (SPVs) under the Sri Lankan Government owned Selendiva Investments. Dormant assets are to be listed on the Colombo Stock Exchange.

New China Plus Investment Guide: Identifying Opportunities Within the Belt & Road Initiative

This 142-page guide is a unique study into where investment opportunities are arriving within China’s Belt & Road Initiative. As infrastructure builds are completed, investment potential increases. This book discusses the complete free trade, tax, and legal aspects of the BRI as well as detailing potential pitfalls.

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