Belt And Road Weekly Investor Intelligence #70

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We look at the trade prospects for a post-invasion, Russian-influenced Ukraine, Russia’s axis towards Asia, the business impact of the SWIFT suspension for Russia, China’s clever use of third-party EU trade agreements, with a great deal of activity along the International North-South Transportation Corridor – shortly to become a major Suez Canal competitor.

Ukraine’s Post 2022 Annexation Trade and Development Prospects

We discuss Ukraine’s future trade prospects and connectivity in the event of a Russian takeover.

Russia Looking East to Compensate for Loss of EU Markets

The Russian invasion of Ukraine can be expected to have long-lasting repercussions and to completely change global supply chains. We discuss how Russia is looking east, the ports it will now fast track and develop and the new trade corridors and markets it will now target in the absence of any meaningful trade with the EU.

Corporate Impact of the West’s SWIFT Suspension Upon Russia

Preparing for, and alternatives in getting your staff and business operational finance into Russia.

China’s BYD to Expand Operations in Georgia

China is cleverly focusing on Georgia’s EU trade agreements for the production of EV and batteries to sell to Europe.

Iran and India Discuss Logistics for the INSTC

Shipping between Mumbai and Chabahar and JV container manufacturing discussed as trade preparations commence.

INSTC Develops with Iranian Port Links to Qatar

Iran is a principal connectivity route between Europe and Asia via the International North-South Transportation Corridor (INSTC) which offers multi-modal connections between India to the Iranian Gulf Ports at Bandar Abbas and Chabahar. From there, goods can transit Iran north via rail to the Caspian Sea ports at Anzali and then onwards to Baku Port in Azerbaijan, heading West via rail to Turkey and Europe via the Black Sea, North to Russia at Lagan Port, or East to Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan into Central Asia. The multi-modal operations give faster connections than the current Suez Canal link. A link to Qatar offers further development of the INSTC reach.

Iran-Afghanistan Rail Plans to Connect with China

The route would link the INSTC, Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan to China’s Xinjiang Province.

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Khan Meets Putin, Discusses Trade

Khan’s visit was to discuss the building of a gas pipeline between Russia and Pakistan in addition to other development projects.

China’s Belt and Road and Beyond

All the latest international news headlines about China’s Belt & Road Initiative.

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