Belt And Road Weekly Investor Intelligence #71   

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A Western sanctions frenzy blows in to permanently change Eurasian global supply and development chains

How Damaging Are Russian Sanctions On China-EU Rail Trade And The Belt & Road Initiative? 

The alternative southern, Caspian seaports are set for a development boom.

India’s Export Opportunities Along the International North South Transport Corridor 

Exploring India’s trade and export opportunities via Iran and the International North-South Transportation Corridor. 

India & Pakistan Look To Enhance Russia Trade Despite The West’s Sanctions 

Ignoring what in Asia is generally seen as a US / European conflict, both India and Pakistan are finding ways to develop bilateral trade with Russia. Both are keen to continue Free Trade negotiations with the Eurasian Economic Union, which includes Russia as well as Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan.

Central Asia To Benefit As Sanctions Force Russian Manufacturers To Relocate 

Sanctions and tariff wars always result in the movement of cross-border businesses, most recently seen with China during the US trade war -the imposition of increased tariffs motivating many Chinese and other international investors based in the country to shift part, or all, of their production to neighboring Vietnam.

AIIB Freezes All Activities Related to Belarus and Russia, NDB Freezes New Russia Transactions 

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), headed by China’s Jin Liqun, has suspended all business related to Russia and Belarus over the situation in Ukraine. Russia is the third largest shareholder at the AIIB, is among its founding members, and has a seat on the bank’s board of directors. As announced last year, the AIIB’s annual meeting for 2022 was due to be held in Russia.

China Massively Expands Diplomacy And Investments In Latin America And The Caribbean 

Trade and investment growing at annual rates of 30% plus.

China’s Belt And Road & Beyond     

All the latest international news headlines about China’s Belt & Road Initiative.

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