Belt and Road Weekly Investor Intelligence #75

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This week we have an important and highly praised download concerning post-Ukraine Russia’s pivot towards Asia, a report described as “a first-class report of 55 relevant informative and current pages” and “excellent and timely.” Proceeds go to Ukrainian children’s charities. We take a good look at developments in Central Asia, Russian, and Belarussian moves in sanctions-busting, question legal due process issues concerning sanctioned individuals, and a global look at the latest BRI news.

Russia’s Pivot To Asia – New Issue of Asia Investment Research Out Now 

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has taken many analysts by surprise and together with massive, imposed sanctions has profound implications for global supply chains and commodity prices. The conflict is ushering in a new type of global economic warfare. In this special issue of AIR, we examine how the conflict was fiscally prepared and planned for by both Russia, the East, and the West, and what the geopolitical implications are likely to be.

We examine the lead up to conflict in terms of Russia’s macro-economics, foreign investment, its relations with China, Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Central Asia, the Eurasian Economic Union, India, Pakistan, ASEAN, Japan, and South Korea and illustrate how Ukraine is a component part of a far wider geopolitical struggle between the East and West.

Central Asia  

New Border Crossing To Open Between Iran And Turkey 

Opens up Iranian access to Turkey’s Black Sea.

Turkmenistan Becomes New Hunting Ground For EU Gas Supplies 

The EU may have to bend some of its principles to obtain gas from Central Asia, while Russia and China will be warily looking out for the potential of Western induced conflict over energy resources.

Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan Looking To Increase Bilateral Trade 

Both have strong trade ties with China as well as Russia, as Central Asian nations seek to boost regional trade due to an expected Russian consumer slowdown.

European Development Bank: Economic Fallout Likely For Central Asia 

Moscow will be looking to minimize a bumpy fiscal ride ahead for its Central Asian trade partners, while China can also lend a hand.

Sanctions Busting  

Belarus To Export Products To Vietnam Via Russia, China    

Belarus is reworking the logistics of its exports to Vietnam due to restrictions imposed by sanctions, and plans to use Russian ports and railways for this purpose. Belarus has a Free Trade Agreement with Vietnam through its membership of the Eurasian Economic Union.

Moscow Outbound Private Investment Moves To Dubai    

Decisions may still be made in Moscow, but the UAE is becoming the Asia investment back office. Dubai in particular will begin to emerge as a Gulf version of Hong Kong and Singapore – targeting Asia.

Rule Of Law  

Sanctions On Russian Individuals: Where Is The Due Process? 

Is a lack of due process in sanctioning individuals who have not been charged with breaking the law diminishing the West’s democratic values?

Belt & Road Global  

China’s Belt And Road & Beyond        

All the latest international news headlines about China’s Belt & Road Initiative.

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