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    Shanghai and Bombay stock exchanges – different aspirations?

    2point6billion has an excellent post today comparing the Shanghai and Bombay stock exchanges. With so much focus lately on the Chinese stock market – it’s up, it’s down, it’s up again – it’s nice to see an article that doesn’t mention bubbles and corrections for once. Some choice excerpts: The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) –[…..]

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    China world’s largest producer of carbon dioxide

    China has overtaken the United States to become the world’s largest producer of greenhouse gases, a report released today by the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency. China’s emissions were not expected to overtake the U.S.’s this soon, with some reports placing the date several years in the future. While this report is unlikely to bring too[…..]

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    Chongqing celebrates ten years as a municipality

    On Monday, Chongqing celebrated the tenth anniversary of the its establishment as a municipality. Approved on March 18, 1997, the city became China’s fourth centrally-administered municipality after Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin. Chongqing has been called “the megalopolis you’ve never heard of,” which is probably true for most people outside China. Designated a municipality in 1997, the area was brought under[…..]

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    Developing the Yangtze River

    The second tier cities that line the Yangtze River are seeing increased foreign investment as international companies look to move out of the Yangtze River Delta with its high rent and labor costs. As China Briefing pointed out in our November 2006 issue, for export-based businesses in central China, the burden of increased transportation costs[…..]

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    The Danone – Wahaha brouhaha

    What began, as all partnerships do, with good intentions and dreams of profits, has come to bitter accusations, angry lawsuits and the very real danger of failure. The dispute between Wahaha and Danone, which continues to grow hotter and more contentious everyday, is threatening to derail a huge investment into the Chinese market by the[…..]

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    The number SMEs in China hit 42 million

    There are 42 million small and medium-sized enterprises within China, including individual industrial and commercial households, making up 99 percent of the total number of enterprises according to the People’s Daily. They report that the ultimate value of goods and services that have been rendered by SMEs is approximately 60 percent of the GDP. Ou Xinqian, vice[…..]

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    In China, heritage and culture go under the wrecking ball

    China’s rise has brought destruction to wide swaths of cities like Beijing and Shanghai. Hutongs that have stood for hundreds of years are being brought down, brick by brick to make way for the new and shiny. The construction bonanza has not been without it critics, and every time another hutong or old neighborhood finds[…..]

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    Made in China

    The eminently readable James Fallows has an excellent piece on manufacturing in China in the upcoming issue of The Atlantic. When not judging beer in Shanghai, Fallows apparently spends a lot of time eating breakfast at the Four Points hotel in Shenzhen. In The Atlantic July/August cover story, he takes a look inside China’s manufacturing world and comes out[…..]

Showing 8 of 3368 articles