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    China unveils bullet train between Shanghai and Hangzhou

    HANGZHOU, Jan. 29 – At 7:15 p.m. on January 28, 2007, the first CRH (China Railway Highspeed) train left Hangzhou with nearly 700 passengers, arriving in Shanghai 90 minutes later. The new bullet trains, or dong he du in Chinese, use multiple engine-powered carriages alongside non-powered units in order to raise travel speeds. Theoretically, the[…..]

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    Further delegation of wholesale FICE approvals in Shanghai

    SHANGHAI, Jan. 1 – On  October 1, 2006, the Shanghai Municipal Government issued a notice delegating authority for approving certain categories of Foreign Invested Commercial Enterprises (FICE) to the district level, in other words, to the level of administration below Shanghai Municipality (there are 18 districts and one county in Shanghai). According to this notice,[…..]

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    Dalian Dayaowan Port designated as a bonded port

    A bonded port is an area within a conventional port in which goods can be processed and manufactured without being considered imports. Dayaowan Port, located in the Dalian Development Zone, has recently received approval from the State Council to operate as a bonded port. From an operational point of view, this designation will provide the[…..]

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    Developments at Shanghai Yangshan deep water port

    Nov. 2 – On the islands of Xiao Yangshan and Da Yangshan, some 30 kilometers south of Shanghai, Phase 1 of this major new facility opened in December 2005, with five container ship berths. The port lies at end of the 32.5-kilometer Donghai oversea bridge. It is expected to have a throughput of 3m TEUs[…..]

Showing 4 of 3316 articles