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China rebounds as Asian stocks rise to record on Fed’s U.S. predictions


What a difference a day makes. This morning the Asian press was seeing enough blood in the water to make Jaws happy, but with the end of business today, Asia stocks are soaring. China gained back 1.1 percent after losing 6.8 percent yesterday, a slide that wiped out US$161 billion in market value. Bloomberg reports: […]

China’s stocks nosedive as stamp tax increases


“All the King’s horses and all the King’s men, couldn’t put Humpty together again.” The stock bubble has burst! Or has it really? Stocks crashed down from their soaring highs yesterday in Shanghai and Shenzhen, creating a fallout effect across most of Asia after China moved to triple the tax on stock trading. The increase was an effort […]

China sentences former top drug regulator to death


A Beijing court sentenced China’s former top drug regulator, Zheng Xiaoyu, to death on charges of taking 6.49 million yuan in bribes, and dereliction of duty. The sentence follows recent food and drug safety scares in China and abroad, most recently tainted medicine in Panama, pet food in the United States and toothpaste in China.  From […]

Shanghai – Hangzhou maglev train shelved


Didn’t we just talk about pork? The maglev train that was to connect Shanghai and Hangzhou appears headed to the dustbin of history. The project has been officially put on hold due to radiation concerns according to Xinhua. “The project has been suspended in line with the arrangements of the municipal government,” said a spokesman with […]

Pork, politics and China


Pork has an illustrious history in government and politics.  Long associated with wasteful, politically aimed spending – pork barrel politics – pigs have made their home in the slop of governmental politics. In China, local spending on pet projects tends to get the far more sinister moniker of “graft” or “corruption,” and so swine have been noticeably absent from […]

Mongolia Travel Guide Launched in Ulaanbaatar


ULAANBAATAR, Mongolia, May 28 – Just to prove well rounded tax professionals have other interests, Chris Devonshire-Ellis, senior partner of Dezan Shira & Associates and publisher of China Briefing, launched his “Travel Guide to Ulaan Baatar & The Mongolian Countryside” on Friday at the British Embassy in Ulaanbaatar, with all proceeds from the book launch […]

China’s stocks fall as Greenspan comments on bubble


It seems even in retirement, Alan Greenspan needs only to open his mouth for the world markets to go into a fit. He has now given his voice to the growing chorus of analysts voicing their concern at the bubbling Chinese stock market. No sooner had he said this, that the markets in Shanghai and Shenzhen began to […]

China Briefing’s updated Guide to China’s Business Taxes out now


The second, updated edition of the best selling 2007 Guide to China’s Business Taxes is now available with full coverage and all new updates on: China’s Recent Income Tax Unification Impact on Foreign Investors Status of Free Trade and Other Development Zones after 1st January 2008 Encouraged Industries That May Still Obtain 15% Tax Incentives Comments […]

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