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China Economic Roundup – August 2023


China’s economic data for August indicates an encouraging trend towards stabilizing growth and suggests improving conditions. Surpassing expectations, industrial output and retail sales have exhibited robust growth, sparking renewed confidence in the Chinese economy’s ability to achieve its annual growth target. However, there are still challenges waiting ahead.

UK-China Trade and Investment: Analysis & 2023 Updates


Bilateral trade and investment has doubled over the past five years  By Chris Devonshire-Ellis The British foreign secretary, James Cleverly, is visiting China – the first by a senior member of the British Government in five years. Cleverly will hold bilateral meetings with China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi, and Vice-President Han Zheng during his trip […]

China Just Put A Financial Punishment Benchmark For Consulting Firms Who Breach Their Operational Boundaries


By Chris Devonshire-Ellis  China has fined the US consulting firm Mintz Group about US$1.5 million for doing “unapproved statistical work,” according to a Beijing Municipal Bureau of Statistics notice, after a raid of its Beijing office earlier this year. The fine sets a precedence, in that the bureau said Mintz conducted 37 unapproved investigations in […]

China Issues 24 New Measures in Clear Directive to Boost Foreign Investment


New guidelines tackle challenges faced by foreign companies in China in bid to attract foreign capital.

China’s Trade and Development with BRICS: Analysis and Opportunities


With the BRICS 2023 summit now underway, we examine the China-BRICS trade dynamics   By Chris Devonshire-Ellis The BRICS 2023 summit is now underway in Johannesburg, South Africa, with the Heads of State of Brazil, China, India, and South Africa all attending in person, together with significant trade delegations. The Russian President, Vladimir Putin, is […]

US Bans New Investments in China’s Sensitive High-Tech Industries


In August, President Joe Biden issued an Executive Order imposing a ban on new US investments in the Chinese economy, specifically targeting the advanced semiconductor, quantum IT, and AI industries. The ban covers indirect investments, PE, VC, JV, as well as greenfield investments.

China Economic Roundup – July 2023


In July, China’s economic growth slowed further from the previous month, although with some notable exceptions in key sectors such as high-tech and NEVs. We break down the latest 2023 economic indicators.

German Firms and Chinese Cash: Dependence or Delusion?


In this op-ed, Simon Laube examines the assertion that corporate Germany is dependent on Chinese profits, demonstrating that extrapolating broad conclusions from individual cases does not provide the full picture.

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