Foreign Investment in Guangdong: New Incentives Announced


Guangdong province, China’s manufacturing heartland, has announced new measures to attract foreign investment. In this article, we look at the new incentives available in Guangdong for foreign investors.

Incentives in Shenzhen for Attracting Foreign Talent


This year, regulations have been amended and policies have been promulgated to incentivize living and working in Shenzhen. In this article, we detail three recent government initiatives that provide opportunities for foreign talent.

Investing in Inland China: Assessing Chongqing’s Industrial Zones


Over the past years, manufacturing in China has steadily crept inland as companies seek not only to lower their costs, and also to take advantage of government incentive programs aimed at developing western provinces. Here, we look at the three key industrial zones in Chongqing, and their preferential policies for foreign businesses.

Foshan’s Changing Economy: Opportunities for Foreign Investors


Foshan’s GDP reached US$123 billion and attracted US$2.4 billion in foreign direct investment in 2015, mostly into manufacture of machinery and equipment. Here, we look at how Foshan’s economy is changing and what opportunities are in store for foreign investors.

China to Develop Hebei’s Xiongan as Rival to Shenzhen and Pudong


Chinese President Xi Jinping has decreed that the Xiongan New District be created in Hebei, about 160 km south of Beijing. The area will be developed with similar incentives and infrastructure that were put in place with the creation of Shenzhen and the Pudong New Area.

China Pivots to Delhi & Moscow as Silk Road Ambitions Take Hold


Uncertainty in the Western political scene highlights the need to expand trade dynamics away from the typical trichotomy of the US, EU and China as focused on in Western media. In this article, Chris Devonshire-Ellis makes a methodical study of different regions and alliances as China pivots towards India and Russia.

Brexit Shows UK Has Turned its Trade Face Towards China, India & the East


In this article, Chris Devonshire-Ellis examines the makeup of the EU, reviews its trade agreements, and looks at the potential bilateral opportunities that exist for the UK in light of the country’s decision to leave the EU.

China Based Foreign Manufacturers – Finding “Beyond China” Investment Intelligence


China’s foreign direct investment (FDI) increased by 4.7 percent in 2015, yet the form of investment is changing. Here, Chris Devonshire-Ellis takes a look at where foreign investment is currently being concentrated in the country and discusses FDI in other emerging economies in Asia.

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