Mossack Fonseca Leak Highlights Importance of Data Security and Client Protocols


The so-called “Panama Papers” involving a huge leak of client information from the Panamanian Law Firm Mossack Fonseca highlights the absolute need for strong IT protection and security. Over 11 million documents were shared with a German newspaper, investigating the financial backgrounds of world leaders.

China’s Human Capital Capabilities Being Overtaken by ASEAN


The concept of Human Capital is an interesting decision making feature that is increasingly entering the corporate foreign investment mindset. In this article, Chris Devonshire-Ellis takes a look at China’s Human Capital rankings and the country’s overall labor market.

Meet Yong Bao, and His Impact on Child Product Sales to China


In this article, Chris Devonshire-Ellis talks about the new Chinese train character “Yong Bao,” which has been recently introduced into Thomas’s Railway World, as well as his impact on child product sales to China.

Dezan Shira’s 2016 Hong Kong Report – a Hub for the Maritime Silk Road


In this article, Chris Devonshire-Ellis, the Chairman of Dezan Shira & Associates, discusses the firm’s new Introduction to Doing Business in Hong Kong guide and examines current opportunities and challenges for businesses operating in the city.

China Stock Market Suspension Ushers In A Tough 2016


Chris Devonshire-Ellis examines China’s recent suspension of the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets. Also contains analysis of China’s services industry and the shift in global manufacturing capacity.

Chris Devonshire-Ellis – The China Year in Review and Looking at 2016


Chris Devonshire-Ellis assesses foreign investment trends in China, the movement of foreign investors out of China, and what 2016 holds in store.

Asia House Interview With Chris Devonshire-Ellis on China’s Silk Road Policy


Asia House, the prestigious London based think tank styling itself as the Center for Expertise in Asia, have published an in-depth interview with Chris Devonshire-Ellis about China’s new “One Road One Belt” policy.

China Plus One – Where Foreign Investors Are Really Heading in Asia


Dezan Shira & Associates have just completed their 2015 annual meetings, this year held in Shanghai. Two days were given over to market analysis of foreign direct investment in the Asian region. Chris Devonshire-Ellis talks about the so-called “China Plus One” strategy.

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