China’s New Labor Law: What you need to be doing about it

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The new December issue of China Briefing is now online and details the implications and compliance issues foreign investors face when assessing the impact of China’s new labor law. Set to become effective in little over a month on January 1, 2008, the magazine details the laws background, new employer liabilities, the changes that need to be made to employment contracts, and obligations concerning written forms, probation periods, confidentiality and non-compete clauses, fixed and open-ended contracts, part-time employment, the payment of wages and welfare, and new severance and termination obligations. Critically, we also advise on the changes foreign investors need to make now to their employment contracts, the new procedures to follow, and the financial and contractual obligations this new law brings. An assistance hotline is also provided for labor law compliance enquiries.

It’s a big deal and foreign businesses have a month to get prepared. Subscribers can download as normal, if you want to access the issue, please click here or visit the subscribe section and download from there.