China in Asia Round Up – February 2014

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As China becomes increasingly unified through its many tax treaties, trade and political developments with its neighboring countries in Asia, we take a look at some of the Asian news this month of strategic interest to China-focused executives. As China changes, so does Asia and this bulletin provides you with the market intelligence as what is going on beyond China’s own borders. To subscribe to our complimentary regular weekly newsletter concerning China and Asia legal, tax and regulatory updates, please click here.

Understanding ASEAN’s Free Trade Agreements
ASEAN has numerous FTAs – including with China. Here we identify all of them, explain what they mean and how they are influencing global trade patterns.

Understanding China’s Double Tax Agreements
China has DTAs with 99 countries worldwide. Here we list them all, explain what they mean, how they work and why implementing them can reduce your operating costs.

China Makes Proposal To Finance India’s Infrastructure Needs
Beijing proposes to Delhi the financing of up to 30% of India’s USD1 trillion infrastructure development costs.

Why ASEAN Is Appealing For Manufacturing As China Costs Keep Rising
An interview with Chris Devonshire-Ellis on Channel News Asia on Foxconn’s decision to pull out of China and relocate to Indonesia.

Philippines Poised For Foreign Investment Sweet Spot
Despite political difficulties, China-Philippines bilateral trade continues to rise. We explain the demographics behind the rise of the Philippines as an Asian Tiger.

Jakarta Develops as Asia’s Haute Couture Capital
With the Indonesian Fashion Week just finished, we look at why Jakarta is leading the way in Asian fashion design.

China & Sri Lanka To Complete Free Trade Agreement This Year
The two countries aim to reduce tariffs to close to zero on 90% of all traded products.

China’s Import & Export Duties
Our highly popular article on Import-Export Duties to and from China. Have a product tariff question? We’ll answer it here.

Vietnam-EU Free Trade Agreement Expected in Fall 2014
As Vietnam moves to full AEC compliance, its efforts to compete with China internationally are stepping up.

Manila Competing With Singapore & Macau For Casino Punters
Manila’s new casinos are seeing an influx of gamblers from China and Asia – because they provide a different entertainment model than Macau.

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