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With China experiencing something of a slowdown, and many previously active China business bloggers now having moved onto other things, the current pool of available, complimentary China updates by people with their feet on the ground has become smaller. However, here are what are probably the best independent blogs for businesses interested, or operating a business, in China.

I have only included blogs that have updated intelligence at a minimum on a weekly basis, as these candidates demonstrate the most commitment to their craft and by proxy have the most relevant content. Aggregators and mainstream media blogs have also been excluded, as we wish to reflect professional expertise, not journalism, in terms of content creation. Please add comments at the end if you feel we missed anyone out.

* China Briefing

Global Alexa Ranking: 276,377

Our own site of course, so we’re preaching to the converted. We commenced publishing in 1999, making us one of the oldest free sources of business, legal and tax intelligence, and now have an impressive array of magazine and book titles to our credit as well. We’re also one of the highest ranking China business blogs in terms of global views.

* China Business Leadership

Global Alexa Ranking: 1,866,778

Dealing with human resources, recruitment, and good man-management in China.

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* China Check Up
Global Alexa Ranking: 414,280
A basic, if useful website, especially for new to China entrants wanting to check Chinese suppliers and domestic company credentials.

* China IP Lawyer
Global Alexa Ranking: 11,249,520

Legal website dealing with the technical aspects of intellectual property and protection in China.

* China Law Blog
Global Alexa Ranking: 1,225,717

Popular with law students, concentrating on China trademarks, IP problems and legal disputes for American SMEs rather than operational issues.

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* China Private Equity

Global Alexa Ranking: 2,787,955

News and views of how and why China companies are raising capital and listing themselves both in and outside the mainland.

*China Red Luxury
Global Alexa Ranking: 1,907,395

Useful luxury consumer website detailing with trends and fashions with China’s upmarket consumers.

* China Quality Wars
Global Alexa Ranking: 1,459,048

One of the increasing numbers of QC blogs ideal for the foreign sourcing agent. Maintained every week or so and provides good tips and advice.

* China Quality Inspection
Global Alexa Ranking: 332,881

The longest established China QC blog, with additional comments on alternatives such as Vietnam and elsewhere in Asia. Dependable and pragmatic.

* China Digital Review
Global Alexa Ranking : n/a

This relatively new blog covers China digital marketing trends and is a great example of how new technologies are transforming the amount of market intelligence out there. Recommended for assessing the Chinese online consumer market.

Summary: This past year has been very poor for blog development amongst professional online business resources dedicated to China. Mainstream media often churns out similar stories and opinions, meaning the previously valuable on the ground comments that blogs represented had considerable merit. However, many of these have disappeared, while previously active blogs have either become sporadic or have downgraded from insightful analysis to personal ramblings.

In last year’s survey, over twenty blogs made the grade according to our specifications. That is now down to just ten. Of those, only three have broken the 500,000 ranking barrier in terms of global readership – all others have seen a serious decline in views. That is indicative of the extent of the slowdown of interest in China FDI, and also perhaps the fact that many blogs just run out of steam. Others previously in China may now have moved onto pastures new – and our own Briefing websites covering ASEAN, India, and Vietnam have all shown a marked increase in readers. Our surveys on the best of these country blogs will appear on their respective websites soon. Maybe we’ll see an increase in blogs dedicated to business opportunities in these countries appearing soon, and perhaps that’s where some of the old China hands will pop up.

It is also true that to create and maintain a credible blog is a considerable investment, both in time committed and in expense – the process now needs to be seen as a more corporate investment as apart from just an occasional hobby. The results speak for themselves – the blogs above are committed; others that used to appear on these annual rankings but no longer feature perhaps not so. When it comes to China and its slowdown, there is now a different set of characteristics and commitments to overcome. China blogging, it now appears, is no longer for the amateurs or the occasional opinion. Comments are welcome.

Blogs left off this list still partially active but not on a consistent basis – remember a China downturn is when your readers and followers need your advice the most. In the meantime, well done to everyone above; it takes commitment, knowledge and continual effort to make this happen, and thanks to all for doing so and being there.

Chris Devonshire-Ellis
is the Founding Partner of Dezan Shira & Associates – a specialist foreign direct investment practice providing corporate establishment, business advisory, tax advisory and compliance, accounting, payroll, due diligence and financial review services to multinationals investing in emerging Asia. Since its establishment in 1992, the firm has grown into one of Asia’s most versatile full-service consultancies with operational offices across China, Hong Kong, India, Singapore and Vietnam, in addition to alliances in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand, as well as liaison offices in Italy, Germany and the United States. For further information, please email china@dezshira.com or visit www.dezshira.com.

Chris can be followed on LinkedIn.

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