China Unveils Tariff Exemption Lists for US Imports – Full Lists Included

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China has released a list of 16 types of US imports that will be exempted from additional tariffs. The timing of the announcement is important as high-level trade officials on both sides prepare for yet another round of talks next month.

On September 11, China’s Tariff Commission of the State Council released Shuiweihui Announcement [2019] No.6 containing two lists – exemption list 1 and 2, which respectively exempts 12 and four types of US products from paying additional Chinese tariffs.

The two lists will be effective for one year from September 17, 2019 to September 16, 2020. 

Exemption list 1 covers US products, such as shrimp and prawn seedlings, lubricants, and alfalfa meal.

Enterprises importing goods from list 1 may apply to Customs for refund of the duties already paid, but must do so within six months from the date of the promulgation of the list.

Exemption list 2 covers products like release agent, whey for fodder, Iso-alkane solvent, and lubricating base oil.

These products will be exempt from additional tariffs although existing tariffs will not be subject to refunds.


China launched the tariff exclusion process for the first batch of US imports (45 items subject to the US$34 billion list, the Annex 1 in Announcement [2018] No.5) from June 3, 2019 to July 5, 2019. The two exemption lists are a result of the first-round of this exclusion process.

The US-China trade war began July last year with US President Donald Trump announcing sweeping tariffs on Chinese goods resulting in retaliatory tariffs from China. These tariffs have subsequently been implemented in tranches by both sides.

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