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CDE Op-Ed Commentary

Please see our 2018 results, following on from our surveys in 20152016, and 2017. Results included are for English language business websites only and are according to statistics published by Alexa the Amazon-owned web research company.

Website                                                                                                        Global Alexa Ranking 

Technode                                                                                                                                 50,232

This year’s winner by a long way, Technode is the go-to site for all things tech in China. It also carries Chinese versions of its English language articles. Great job and congratulations!

China Briefing                                                                                                                       159,664

Your favorite website, recently redesigned, up one place to second this year. Thanks!

European Chamber Of Commerce in China                                                                       242,012

The highest ranked Chamber of Commerce website in China, and taking third place in this year’s poll, the first time a chamber website has appeared in the top three. A very active chamber and well representative for European businesses in China. Congratulations!

Marketing To China                                                                                                               242,183

A well maintained and useful website, designed to provide fresh insights and a deeper understanding of the Chinese market.

China Internet Watch                                                                                                            301,638
Monitoring Chinese research and online shopping – and as China’s e-commerce sales continue to explode its a great resource.

Quality Inspection                                                                                                                 317,099

A perennial favorite and must-view for all buyers involved in China.

Amcham China                                                                                                                      361,637

The American Chamber of Commerce is members-only but very active, and widely deserving of its high ranking.

China Check Up                                                                                                                    427,231
A due diligence site, providing information and verification concerning Chinese companies and infrastructure.

China Law Blog                                                                                                                     507,302

Has tended to become somewhat repetitive in terms of content, but still a great resource for students and US based legal counsel involved with Chinese law from the American perspective.

The Hong Kong General Chamber Of Commerce                                                             670,238

A members-only organization, but important China intelligence for Hong Kong-based businesses.

The China-Britain Business Council                                                                                   685,124

A rather odd hybrid of the CBBC and the British Chamber of Commerce in China. Both are members-only organizations. Unfortunately, the merger doesn’t seem to be working – rankings have reduced considerably over the past two years and a fresh editorial approach is needed.

Silk Road Briefing                                                                                                                 918,463

A newcomer, and thus far the only consistently published website dedicated to China’s Belt & Road Initiative.

Sinocism                                                                                                                            1,136,817

Bill Bishop’s well-known newsletter. The subscription fee probably keeps the ranking lower than it deserves.

China Recruiting Blog                                                                                                       4,509,706

Professional matters relating to recruitment in China.

China Solved                                                                                                                    11,871,354

Andrew Hupert’s website about negotiating with Chinese companies.

Managing The Dragon                                                                                                   No Ranking

Jack Perkowski’s website dealing mainly with the auto industry in China.

Websites and blogs inevitably come and go, and new technologies emerge. What counts in terms of achieving high rankings are a regular series of relevant and valuable articles.

It is of note that Technode, a technical website, has taken this year’s first place, and with a very high ranking, is going to be hard to beat. Our own China Briefing is about to celebrate its 20th anniversary, yet has managed to remain relevant.

Other websites involved in digital marketing, market intelligence, and QC have also moved into sustainable positions, while institutional websites such as Eurocham and Amcham have also gotten their act together and are adept at providing digital content.

Congratulations to all concerned!

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