Control Deals and M&A Opportunities in China Private Equity

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Jun. 3 – China First Capital have released a report “A New Strategy for M&A, Buyouts & Corporate Acquisitions in China: Sourcing and Executing Successful Corporate Acquisitions and Buyouts from Unexited PE Deals in China” stating that China is now reaching a stage where M&As, strategic acquisitions and buyouts are ready to take off.

The report indicates that this represents perhaps the most important trend in China’s current business environment, and that private sector companies, including many of China’s best, are becoming potential acquisition targets. The underlying reason is the continuing, intensifying crisis in China private equity and IPO markets. The report defines a strategy and investment thesis, supported by data, for corporate acquirers to execute successful acquisitions in China.

Peter Fuhrman, Chairman and CEO of China First Capital, has kindly given China Briefing readers the ability to download the report for free. It can be downloaded in PDF format by clicking here.

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