Dezan Shira & Associates Announce South America Presence

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Dezan Shira & Associates, the professional services firm with offices throughout China and Asia, have announced a new South America presence, to broaden its focus in the region.

Patricia Varejao is the new representative of the firm’s South America desk and is based in Brazil. “Brazil is a member of the BRICS grouping as well as the lead partner in the important Mercosur trade bloc,” says Chris Devonshire-Ellis of Dezan Shira & Associates. “Dezan Shira are now present in 4 of the 5 BRICS nations, which by 2030 will account for over 50 percent of all global trade. We need to cement our position within these trade and supply lines and our Brazil desk will assist our expansion into the region.”

Dezan Shira & Associates South American desk handles not just Brazil but the other three Mercosur countries of Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay, and has also made its presence known in other regional countries, such as Bolivia, Peru, and Chile. The firm has 28 offices handling foreign investment, legal, tax and trade issues throughout Asia, including 13 in China as well as significant operations in India, the ASEAN nations, and Russia.

“Our South American operations provide us with a real time link between Asia and South America and means South American exporters and manufacturers wishing to look at the developing cross-continental trade opportunities have a regional desk with experienced personnel they can discuss this with. China-South America trade is booming and the recent successes of items such as the rapidly expanding China-Mercosur trade, and the China-Peru and China-Chile Free Trade Agreements dictate that this corridor is going to be one for the near future.” Devonshire-Ellis concludes, “We will be part of that and are now able to advise businesses in South America on planning for China and Asia exports, imports and Asian distribution, logistics and sales channels both online and physical, with all the legal, tax and operational knowledge they require to develop the trade corridor potential.”

China Briefing articles in Portuguese can be accessed here and in Spanish here. Dezan Shira & Associates Spanish desk and its South America desk is headed up by Marcos Salgado Sanchez, who originally joined the firm in Hong Kong, SAR and is now based in Singapore.

Further reading of Dezan Shira & Associates articles as regards opportunities for South American exporters and traders with China can be accessed in regional publications as follows:

Nuestra oficina en América Central y del Sur es operada por Patricia Varejao, ella coordina los pedidos de los clientes en la región del Mercosur, América del Sur y Asia. México también es manejado por esta oficina. La compañía tiene clientes de toda región. Patricia habla español, portugués y inglés. Se graduó de la Universidad Vila Velha y trabajó en China vendiendo productos entre Brasil y China durante diez años antes de unirse a Dezan Shira & Associates.

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