Mongolia Travel Guide Launched in Ulaanbaatar

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Chris Devonshire-Ellis (left) and British Ambassador Chris Osborne with the donation and a copy of the book

ULAANBAATAR, Mongolia, May 28 – Just to prove well rounded tax professionals have other interests, Chris Devonshire-Ellis, senior partner of Dezan Shira & Associates and publisher of China Briefing, launched his “Travel Guide to Ulaan Baatar & The Mongolian Countryside” on Friday at the British Embassy in Ulaanbaatar, with all proceeds from the book launch going to a local charity of the ambassador’s choice.

The event, televised by Mongolian Channel 9, raised 360,000 togrog (about US$400) towards building a summer camp for underprivileged children in Mongolia.

For more information about the guide please e-mail Tuya Gombosuren or visit the Mongolia Expat web site.

9 thoughts on “Mongolia Travel Guide Launched in Ulaanbaatar

    Simon Whaley says:

    Chris D-E is a pretty good guy actually, good to see a lawyer with a heart.

    Dave says:

    Well done!!

    John Wang says:

    Good for them. Dezshira are a pretty good outfit and a lot of folk can learn from what theyre doing. Chris Devonshire is one of Chinas gentlemen imo, always has time for people starting out.

    Dennis Wadley says:

    Chris doesn’t suffer fools gladly and has had his fair share of arguments with some of the stupids out there, but you have to admit the bloke is a bit of a bloody legend! Good work mate, and looking forward to hearing more about Dezan Shira’s Indian business development.

    Eric says:

    Hear hear

    ShanghaiFrank says:

    This is what the man himself wrote about actually getting there on his China Expat blog – hilarious:

    Mind you – you don’t know the hassle we had getting there…my Air China flight Beijing to UB was postponed by 8 hours which would have meant I’d have missed my own book launch event, with the Ambassador, about 200 guests and State TV all waiting. I’d already been stamped out of China and was waiting for the plane by the gate when they announced the delay. Cue a mad rush to re-enter China (I’d officially exited the country for about 20 minutes), retrieve my checked luggage, and find an alternative flight – which turned out to be on Aero Mongolia leaving at 4pm from Tianjin. Raced back to ny office, got new tickets issued, grabbed a car to Tianjin, then got held up the motorway for a hour crawling along due to road works. Eventually got to Tianjin airport – the flight was delayed. Waited for that, eventually took off, a two hour flight and the launch event starts in a hour. Called the Ambassador to let him know we’d be late. Arrived at UB, raced through immigration, jumped into our waiting car, sped off towards the British Embassy and got stopped by a traffic cop for speeding. On the spot fine, then arrived, out of breath, one and a half hours late at 8:30pm. Downed a swift double gin and tonic before the Ambassador made his opening remarks. After that it was all OK, but I came pretty close to missing my own event…but it just shows where there is a will there is a way…Bloody Air China…

    Ha ha ha!!!

    Doug Goldsmith says:

    Chris gave a talk at an Amcham event last week about marketing for SME’s in China; it was utterly fascinating, especially the problems he’d faced previously with the Asian Financial Crisis and SARS, how he dealt with those, and the development of China Briefing and how that came about. It was probably one of the most frank and honest presentations I’ve heard from a China-based businessman about how he made his efforts pay off. It’s great to see people like Chris and his company grow up in China, there is some inspirational backgrounds there. Hopefully he’ll be talking a lot more about how he developed his company in the future – it was an entertaining and interesting talk. One of the better expat consultants here without doubt. Keep up the good work!

    Chris Devonshire-Ellis says:

    Woah ! Steady on guys or I’ll have to raise my hourly rates !

    Your comments much appreciated, thanks –


    Justin Hui says:

    Wow Lonely Planet linking to Chris’s Mongolia Guide!!!

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