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May 5 – As many China Briefing readers will know, the title is produced by our parent company, Asia Briefing Ltd., which also produces titles in other countries throughout Asia. As China’s interaction with Asia increases, and China-based businesses are now beginning to examine the potential of other Asian markets, we now provide a complimentary, weekly email update designed to keep the busy Asia-based executives up to date not just with China – but with the rest of Asia as well.

Featuring business news, commentary and articles about foreign investment opportunities, laws, taxes and incentives, our weekly update is completely free of charge. Readers wishing to evaluate the contents may scroll down below to see this edition’s content with links below, however to make sure to receive your weekly copy direct to your inbox every Thursday, please subscribe by clicking here.

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This week’s most popular articles
Growth Will Be in Asia, Not Just China
In which our Publisher and the Principal of Dezan Shira & Associates, Chris Devonshire-Ellis, explains why China’s growth over the past 20 years has led to a ripple effect across Asia, the opportunities within emerging Asia, and why some of these markets are now set to grow faster than China itself.

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and Its Impact on China-Based Subsidiaries
The May issue of China Briefing deals with the impact of FCPA on China businesses, and how to mitigate against this. With the U.S. SEC having established a new office in California, and a representative in Beijing, the heat is on U.S. companies – and within their own laws, E.U. companies – to comply. This issue spells out the regulations, the need to develop a compliance manual, running checks in China, and what to do if you suspect you may not be in line.

India Market Entry – The Legalities Explained
As India’s economy reaches 10 percent growth, the opportunities and need for foreign investors to get into this market are growing. This issue of India Briefing explains the differences in legal structures for India market entry, from the establishment of a non-permanent branch office, to fully fledged limited liability status, as well as structures for project offices aligned to specific contracts. We also look at RBI approval requirements, capitalization needs, other licensing procedures and the tax code.

Global Times Forum – Five Year Plan’s Social Issues Will Be the Policy Drivers
The inaugural Global Times Management Forum took place last week in Beijing, with the CEOs and country managers of many of China’s foreign invested MNCs taking part. Focusing on the new five year plan, executives commented on the impact on their businesses, raised concerns, debates, and answered questions. This report summarizes and highlights the content of this high-profile event.

New Representative Office Guide Published
China Briefing has just produced the fourth edition of their best-selling guide to representative offices. Detailing the establishment procedures and tax position in full, and incorporating all the new 2011 rules and regulations that changed the operational structure and financing of ROs, this guide is a must for all businesses looking to set up in China. The guide covers operational, management, reporting and audit procedures and will also be of use to all existing legally responsible persons and managers in charge of running an RO.

China Revises Foreign Investment Catalog
Following the State Council document “Opinions on Further Improving the Work of Utilizing Foreign Investment,” China’s National Development and Reform Commission has recently added a number of changes to the “Foreign Investment Catalog.” We highlight the changes and industry sectors affected.

Producers in China Now Require Goods Production Certificate
We provide update on the new announcement by the State Administration of Taxation that specifies that any taxpayer that sells its own products and provides construction services needs to provide a goods production certificate in order to avoid double taxation by the state and local tax authorities. Here we explain the procedures to follow to avoid additional tax burden.

China-India Business Update
The latest in our regular series of business developments, political relations and investment policies affecting trade, commerce and investment between these two giant neighbors.

India’s New Five Year Plan Focuses on “Inclusive Growth”
Like China, India has just released its new five year plan. The plan is expected to be one that encourages the development of India’s agriculture, education, health and social welfare through government spending. It is also expected to create employment through developing India’s manufacturing sector and move the nation higher up the value chain. We provide analysis and downloads.

Withholding Tax in India
In which we explain withholding tax, how this may impact upon your business, and the structures that can be put in place to minimize exposure. Essential reading for all international executives involved in selling products or services to India.

India’s Free Trade Agreements
FTAs are becoming an increasingly important part of tax planning in international commerce. India has signed and is putting into place a number of FTAs with various countries that can greatly assist in tax reduction. In this article, we highlight each of these and explain the tax bands and applicable reductions that may be obtained.

Common HR Issues Facing Foreign Investors in Vietnam
Although one of the major advantages for foreign companies to invest in Vietnam remains the low cost of the workforce, the situation is changing for skilled labor, especially for the light and heavy industrial sectors. On average, salaries are rising, working-conditions are getting better, and policies are becoming more precise. In this article we explain the areas to be aware of as concerns HR within foreign invested companies in Vietnam.

Vietnam Shortens Certificate of Origin Procedures
The Vietnamese Ministry of Industry and Trade has recently issued a circular regulating the issuance of the certificate of origin (C/O) for goods being exported. Circular 06/2011TT-BCT comes into effect on May 4, 2011 and replaces former circulars concerning the C/O. The main progress of this circular is the shortening of the C/O issuance procedure, starting from the reception of the carefully completed dossier, from the current three working days to only four working hours for air shipments and eight for sea and road shipments. We explain details, how they affect foreign investors, and the new filing procedures.

Vietnam Tax and Foreign Exchange Controls
The current issue of Vietnam Briefing details the tax and foreign exchange control regulations applicable to every foreign investor in the country. This includes the procedures for getting investment capital into the country, avoiding tax on this, as well as transactional financing in addition to the laws over profits repatriation. This issue will be of use to all foreign executives and CFOs dealing with financing operations in Vietnam.

Russia Market Entry and the Options for Foreign Investors
Russia is one of the best kept secrets in terms of foreign investment, with a booming economy and a great deal of wealth. The current issue of Russia Briefing details market entry structures for establishing a presence in the country and the options for doing so. The applicable legal procedures, capitalization, tax and compliance issues are all explained. We also review the Russian investment climate and government priorities for investment, including applicable investment incentives.

Rezidor to Open Hotel in Novosibirsk
Novosibirsk has long been an ancient trade and commercial center in Russia, and is experiencing a development boom. Belgium’s Rezidor Group has recognized this and is establishing a 5 star hotel in the city – one of 20 planned for Russia.

Japan Invests in Vladivostok Following Nuclear Problems
Russia’s Gazprom, along with a consortium of Japanese companies are investing in a huge LNG plant complex in Vladivostok in order to boost energy supplies to Japan following the problems caused by this year’s tsunami damage to several nuclear plants on the Japanese east coast. This investment alone will double the amount of LNG produced by Russia.

Emerging Asia
IMF Releases Latest Regional Economic Outlook for Asia
The International Monetary Fund’s full report, plus links to downloads and commentary.

China and India React to the Death of Osama Bin Laden
A review of the media commentary surrounding the terrorist leader’s demise this week.

China’s First Space Station to Shift Balance of Power
China recently unveiled its 2011 plans for manned spaceflight development, taking further steps to approach the establishment of its first space station. The strong interest China holds in its space program, together with billions worth of investment in the field, is interpreted – by a U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) adviser – as a “potent political symbol” that can impact the current space power balance among space industry-pursuing countries.

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