Introducing…The Hong Kong Spin

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By Chris Devonshire-Ellis

Architect Nigel Reading has proposed a massive new landmark to be erected on the site of Hong Kong’s old Kai Tak airport in order to mark the tenth anniversary of the handover of the territory to China. Hong Kong Spin is designed to be both a spectacular inclined observation tower overlooking the harbor and a uniquely horizontal revolving Ferris wheel with bars and restaurants – effectively, an Eiffel Tower and London Eye rolled into one.

The design takes the form of the Chinese character “Jung” (middle) and the Greek letter “Phi” (symmetry). This epitomizes the vibrant synthesis of East (Jung) and West (Phi) that has made Hong Kong such a distinctive and inimitable success story, emphasizing the success of “one country, two systems.” If approved, it would become an instant icon of the SAR.


The Hong Kong Spin would house a double-height revolving restaurant and bar areas within the central Skywheel, revealing an endlessly unfolding Chinese scroll panorama of Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbor – one of the most dramatic natural and man-made vistas in the world. There would be a variety of zones within the wheel, including up-market restaurants, bars, and perhaps a capsule hotel. The inclined tower features scenic Skypods in a continuous repeating cycle, giving visitors a spiraling ride of a lifetime to the observation platform “Skystage” to the top and back down again. A retail/food and beverage podium forms the tower base, with striking views of Hong Kong in a sublime harbor panorama. This would form a concentric half-ellipse, being ideal for hosting concerts.

The project will no doubt catch the attention of the public and government. Whether it is built – or suffers the same fate as the abandoned “Shanghai Kiss” project of a couple of years to go, remains to be seen. However, the project would do much to rehabilitate an area along Victoria Harbor that has remained desolate ever since the airport relocated to Chek Lap Kok – in addition to cementing Hong Kong’s position as a design innovative and world class Chinese city. We wish Aedas good luck with the project.