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Karnataka Shops and Establishment Act, 1962: Scope, Registration, and Compliance

Karnataka Shops and Establishment Act registration is a mandatory requirement for all companies, persons, and legal entities planning to set up a shop or commercial establishment in the Indian state.

The Act regulates commercial establishments in areas such as working hours prescribed for employees, annual leaves with wages, wages and compensation, employment of women and children, and other aspects.


Key Logistics Hubs Along Russia’s Meridian Road

The article discusses which cities will benefit from being along the shortest route between China and Europe.

The Meridian Highway will stretch from the Belarus border with the European Union to the Russian border with Kazakhstan, providing the European and Urals leg of an existing highway that already crosses Kazakhstan to China.


How to Obtain Tax Incentives and Funding for Belt and Road Project Contracts

Tax reductions and financing await for Belt and Road Investors if they know where to look and who to ask.


Personal Income Tax in Vietnam: Exemptions and Reductions

For foreigners working in Vietnam, determining the applicability of personal income tax (PIT) involves decoding a number of rules. Following this, foreign workers need to calculate their precise liability and any applicable deductions.

The article introduces the basics of PIT, before explaining tax-exempt incomes (employment benefits that are not subject to PIT) and tax reductions for dependents.

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