New High-Speed Railways Connect Wenzhou with Fuzhou, Ningbo

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Oct. 9 – New high-speed passenger railway lines have recently opened linking Wenzhou city with Fuzhou and Ningbo and cutting travel time significantly.

The Fuzhou-Wenzhou line is 298.4 kilometers long and cuts travel time from 5 hours to 2 hours. On the other hand, a second high-speed railway line also connects Wenzhou city to Ningbo. The new railways also has links to Shanghai and decreases travel time from Fuzhou to Shanghai from 11 hours to just five hours reports Xinhua.

Fuzhou city is in Fujian Province and is strategically located near the Taiwan Strait. The city has long been an entry point for Taiwanese to travel to the mainland.  China’s improving relations with Taiwan corresponds to the development of transport links including direct flights from Taiwan to Chinese cities like Xiamen and Fuzhou.

Taiwan’s government is considering relaxing investment rules for Taiwanese businesses investing in the mainland’s high-tech industries to beef up competitiveness against rival Japanese and South Korean firms.