New Issue of China Briefing: Mergers and Aquisitions in China

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Nov. 1 – In the November issue of China Briefing Magazine we look at mergers and acquisitions in China.

Continued reforms and a rebounding economy following the Global Financial Crisis are fueling mergers and acquisitions in China. With M&A activity on the rise – there were several large deals in the industrial, financial and technology sectors – we use this issue of China Briefing to take a look at several aspects of M&As that foreign-invested enterprises should be aware of when investing in China.

We first concentrate on how to structure an M&A in China, listing the advantages and disadvantages to several different types of acquisitions available to foreign investors. We then go through some steps that can be taken when valuing an acquisition. As China’s relatively young economy still often lacks reliable, independent high-quality information on a target enterprise, we describe how the asset appraisal industry works in China. Finally, we conclude the issue with an overview of the current M&A market on the mainland.

In this issue
Structuring an M&A in China
Acquisition procedures
Valuing an acquisition
China’s asset appraisal industry
The current M&A market in China

The magazine is available for PDF download in the Asia Briefing Bookstore.