New Regulations for Zhuhai-Macau Industrial Zone to be Released

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Mar. 22 – China’s General Administration of Customs announced order No. 189 on March 15, revising the administrative measures for customs in the Zhuhai Zone of the Zhuhai-Macau Cross-border Industrial Zone.

According to the new measures, which take effect May 1, 2010, business scopes in the Zhuhai Zone can no longer cover disassembly or refurbishment. Also, import and export trade, including re-exportation, is now revised as “international trade” (covers re-export from Zhuhai Zone). The GAC will publish the new detailed measures on May 1.

The Zhuhai Zone is China’s first region under special customs treatment and enjoys “free trade zone, export processing zone and import and export hub” status together with preferential policies providing legal guarantees.