Notice on Importing Automotive Vehicles by Permanent Institutions

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Jun. 21 – The General Administration of Customs recently issued a notice regarding automotive vehicle imports made by permanent institutions and permanent personnel, with the aim to safeguard the local automobile market.

Customs Collection [2010] No. 32, issued May 25, stipulates that from Jul. 1, 2010 onwards, Customs will not process applications for importing used automotive vehicles by permanent institutions or permanent personnel, unless otherwise provided with the Intergovernmental Agreement on the duty-free entry of automobiles, or high-level talents and experts invited by the government. Applications sent to Customs before Jul. 1st, 2010 are not restricted by the new notice.

Furthermore, Customs will process applications for importing new automotive vehicles by the permanent institutions and permanent personnel in accordance with current regulations, taxation, clearance and other formalities.

As described in the notice, permanent institutions refer to foreign enterprises, news organizations, trade organizations, cultural organizations and other foreign legal entities approved by PRC government authorities. Permanent personnel refers to approved residence living in Mainland China for more than one year, specifically foreign citizens; Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan citizens; overseas Chinese and long-term foreign experts.