Notice to Local Online Game Companies in China, Less Violence Please

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Nov. 20 – China’s Ministry of Culture has released a notice to local online game companies to lessen the amount of violence, erotic content and gambling found in their games.

Online game operators were advised to change  the current gaming model that allows a player to advance only by killing non-player-controlled enemies reports Chinatechnews. The ministry said: “Take the core socialist value system as the guide, strengthen cultural elements in products, and vigorously promote the spirit of the times and illustrious ethnic culture.”

In addition, the ministry wants online game companies to enforce stricter limits on player-versus-player fighting and virtual marriage systems. Local cultural administrative departments have been instructed to supervise local online game products including storylines, setting of place names, task designs, economic systems, trading systems, production systems, social systems, customer service systems, combat functions, role designs, sound effects, map tools, action renderings, and team systems.

The notice states that content found to be breaking Chinese laws or is against the “Interim Provisions on the Administration of Internet Culture” should be reported. Local online gaming companies like NetEase, The9, Shanda Games, CDC Games and Tencent Holdings are expected to follow the notice.

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