Our Most Popular China Business and Culture Articles in 2010

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Introduced by: Chris Devonshire-Ellis

Jan. 14 – As regular readers will know, we cover a lot of China topics every year, and do so not just through China Briefing, but also through our China cultural web site China Expat and again through our emerging Asia web site 2point6billion.com. Below we list the top five most viewed articles of each over the past year. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we had in putting them together.

China Briefing – China Business
China’s String of Pearls Strategy

In this article we outline China’s investments in the South China Sea and beyond and the expansion of its Asian naval and trade ports throughout the region

China Joint Ventures as a Strategic Investment

Our six part series on the case for using JVs and the best ways to implement such investments with a Chinese partner

China’s Second Tier Cities. The Third and Fourth Are Catching Up

Our examination and comparison of the costs of China’s second, third and fourth tier cities

The Communist China Price

A detailed study of the real and hidden costs of doing business in China. Syndicated to numerous international newspapers, including the London Daily Telegraph

China WFOEs. It’s Not Standard Law, Its Getting The Finance and Tax Right

Our detailed overview on the precise legal and financing issues to be aware of when setting up a WFOE

China Expat – China Culture, Travel, Literature and Art
Karma Beats Feng Shui

An ancient Chinese parable

The Lost Photos of China

Amazing images of rescued photographic masterpieces

Five Ancient Chinese Sports Worthy of the Olympics

From Daur field hockey to deer lifting, in this article we examine sports that deserve to be resurrected

The Secrets Of Sexual KungFu

Not suitable for minors, and be prepared to wince

The Baigong Pipes – Nature Or Op-Art?

China’s nature doing weird and wonderful things

2point6billion.com – China, India and Emerging Asia
China and India – The Proverbial Hare and Tortoise?

Our examination of the potential development of both economies from 2010 to 2030

India to Overtake China’s GDP Growth

In which India’s Planning Commission deputy chairman Montek Singh Ahluwalia forecasts that India could emerge as the fastest growing economy in the world

Managing the Mekong

An article from 2008, but still very popular. Covering the countries which depend upon the waters of the Mekong River, originating in China

China-India 2011 Development Study

Our recent 26 page report of the expected political and bilateral trade developments of both countries during this year

The 10 Naughty Things You Can Get in India You Cant Get in China

Our tongue in cheek look at Chinese censorship and Indian naughtiness

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