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Navigating Hong Kong’s Annual Employer’s Return: Compliance and Best Practices


The peaking season for the Annual Employer’s Return filing in Hong Kong is approaching. Hong Kong employers are advised to start preparations early and allocate sufficient resources to meet this tight deadline.

Highlights from China FM Wang Yi’s Visit to New Zealand and Australia


China FM Wang Yi’s visit to New Zealand and Australia underscores efforts to strengthen economic ties and address differences.

Tax Filing for Outbound Payments in China: A Complete Guide


When an individual or organization in China makes a single outbound payment to overseas entities that exceeds the equivalent of US$50,000, the payer must complete tax filing for outbound payments with the local branch of the STA, with limited exceptions.

January – February 2024 Economic Roundup


January and February economic indicators show a strong start to China’s economy in 2024, with growth in industrial output and recovery in foreign trade.

China Issues 24 New Measures to Attract Foreign Investment


China’s legislature has released a new action plan outlining measures to boost foreign investment in the country.

How to Conduct a Personal Information Protection Impact Assessment in China


Companies in China must conduct a personal information protection impact assessment to handle certain types of data and carry out certain transactions.

Hong Kong’s Cosmetics and Skincare Market – Trends and Industry Overview


The Hong Kong skincare market is dominated by international trade, while new trends in bespoke product formula, emphasis on ‘clean beauty’, and online commerce present emerging opportunities.

China Reopening After COVID: Latest Developments and Business Advisory


Our daily updates on the latest events as they occur, together with ongoing advisory on how best to manage your China business exposure during COVID-19.

China’s Stock Exchanges Announce ESG Reporting Guidelines for Listed Companies


China’s three stock exchanges have respectively issued their ESG reporting guidelines for certain types of listed companies starting 2026. We provide the details.

China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi to Visit Australia for Trade and Technology Talks


Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi is expected to visit Australia in late March, which will boost trade diplomacy between the two nations.

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