Qianhai Receives Thirteen Administrative Approval Rights for Foreign-Invested Projects

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Jan. 22 – With the aim to deepen participation in the Qianhai Cooperation Zone, Guangdong Provincial Government released the “Catalogue of Provincial Administrative Approval Rights Exercised by Qianhai Administrative Committee (First Batch) (hereinafter referred to as ‘Catalogue’)” on January 6, 2014, which delegates and consigns 13 administrative approval rights to Qianhai Administrative Committee. Detailed information can be found below.

The Catalogue has granted the examination and approval rights for the following nine projects that were previously in the hands of provincial-level authorities to the Qianhai Administrative Committee:

  • Establishment of asset evaluation agencies registered in Qianhai;
  • Establishment of Sino-foreign cooperative vocational skill training institutions registered in Qianhai;
  • Establishment or changing of foreign-invested urban planning service enterprises registered in Qianhai;
  • Establishment of foreign-invested cinemas;
  • Allocation of Class B medical devices;
  • Establishment of travel agencies (including those from Hong Kong and Macao) registered in Qianhai (including issuance of business license);
  • Engagement in outbound tourism business by travel agencies (including those from Hong Kong and Macao) registered in Qianhai;
  • Establishment of film production entities, and film and television exchange activities with foreign parties; and
  • Establishment of Xinhua bookstores and foreign language bookstores, and engagement in wholesale business of publications.

Moreover, the Catalogue has consigned the examination and approval rights for the following four items to Qianhai Administrative Committee:

  • Provincial Grade B or lower engineering design qualification for foreign-invested engineering service companies registered in Qianhai;
  • Provincial Grade B general contracting qualification and provincial Grade A professional contracting qualification for foreign-invested construction engineering companies registered in Qianhai; and
  • Work safety license of foreign-invested construction enterprises registered in Qianhai; and
  • Work permit for foreign experts working in Qianhai.

Qianhai Cooperation Zone was officially approved by China’s State Council in August, 2010 with the aim of serving as an experimental business zone for better interaction between Mainland China and Hong Kong in the financial, logistics, and IT services sectors. It covers less than 20 square kilometers on the western side of Shenzhen, and is expected to achieve a GDP of RMB150 billion by 2020.

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