Richard Hoffmann Explains China Foreign-Invested Partnerships

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May 20 – Richard Hoffmann, senior legal associate at Dezan Shira & Associates’ Beijing office, explains in detail the regulatory and legal aspects of China’s new foreign invested partnerships and the country’s attempts to further encourage FDI in this English language interview, just aired on CCTV 9.

The interview details the ability of foreign-invested enterprises to upgrade to foreign enterprise groups, which allows parent companies and subsidiaries to use the term “group” in the company title. It also discusses foreign enterprises transferring financial claims to the registered capital upon approval by the foreign exchange administration, and the registration procedures for doing so.

The interview can be accessed from the Dezan Shira & Associates website here. Also on the same site is a host of information available for download about the regulatory aspects of China business, including downloadable PDF files and a research library.

Mr. Hoffmann is a graduate of the University of Frankfurt and was previously engaged with Wellensiek Grub & Partner, Eckert, Dörsam & Klette in Germany, and with Schick-Havas Attorneys in New York prior to joining Dezan Shira & Associates five years ago. He also heads up the practice’s German desk. He can be e-mailed at

The China Briefing website in German can also be accessed here.