Three Chris Devonshire-Ellis Books Now Made Free Online

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Asia Briefing has just made three popular, out of print books by Chris Devonshire-Ellis available for complimentary download. Chris, who has written numerous technical guides on matters of China law and tax, and whose latest book on China’s One Belt One Road has received positive reviews, is one of the longest commentators on matters of China business and culture today.

The books being made available for complimentary download are:

China practice 198 236The Story of a China Practice

Essential reading for new to China businesses, startups and entrepreneurs, this book details the first 15 years of how Chris set up and developed his consulting practice. It contains many tips for SMEs, including dealing with financial problems, guerrilla marketing, staff problems, and many others.

China expatChina Expat – Selected Writing

This book is packed with nearly 50 articles by Chris and other writers who wrote for China Expat over the years. They range from travelogues, old historic accounts and stories involving famous people, Chinese modern and traditional culture, and many obscure yet fascinating tales of China as it appears to Western eyes through the decades.

Mongolia expatTravel Guide to the Mongolian Countryside

A travel guide to Ulaan Baatar and Mongolia, detailing treks from one to seven days, places of historic and cultural interest, in addition to full color sections on wildlife, birds and flowers, and plenty of articles about life in Mongolia, including Shamens, Fishing, Prezwalski’s Wild Horses and the ubiquitous Russian Jeep still in use on the Steppes.


 Chris Devonshire-Ellis

Chris Devonshire-Ellis founded Dezan Shira & Associates in 1992, followed by the China Briefing publishing house in 1999. He has published numerous books about China business and technical issues, and remains the legally responsible person for the business in China. Next year he celebrates 25 years in his China career. We hope you enjoy these three titles.