Twenty Lessons in Managing an SME in China – Free Download

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May 6 – China Briefing has just released a complimentary PDF download, written by Chris Devonshire-Ellis, of the development challenges and management lessons learned over 20 years of building his consultancy business in China. Taken from the much-viewed series of articles published online here, the PDF provides a neat package with illustrations useful to all China entrepreneurs looking at setting up a business in China.

With the trials, tribulations and challenges posed over the past 20 years, Chris has extracted his own, first hand experiences of business management in China and turned them into 20 lessons that small business individuals or new-to-China entrepreneurs can relate to and learn from.

Covering everything from handling debt and creditors, having IP problems, and delegating management duties, to gorilla marketing techniques and managing a business during a national crisis such as SARS, this account will be useful to anyone starting a business in China and to anyone who is developing or consolidating a China business.

Content includes:

  • Lessons 1 – 5: Tenacity to Bulkhead Financing
  • Lessons 6 – 10: National Development to China Crisis Management
  • Lessons 11 – 15: Staff Development to Giving Up Equity
  • Lessons 16 – 20: IP Rip Offs to Beyond China

The PDF may be downloaded, free of charge, by accessing the Asia Briefing Bookstore here.

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