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Shanghai Lingang New Area Releases Whitelists for Data Export, Facilitating Cross-Border Data Flows


Shanghai’s Lingang New Area has released general data lists that will facilitate data export for companies in the automotive, biopharma, and mutual fund sectors.

Tianjin Free Trade Zone Releases China’s First Negative List for Cross-Border Data Transfer


The Tianjin Free Trade Zone has released China’s first data Negative List outlining the types of data that must undergo a security review by China’s cybersecurity bureau to be transferred out of China.

China’s New Measures to Support Foreign Investment in Sci-tech Firms


China seeks to attract sci-tech foreign investment by relaxing rules, fostering partnerships, and enhancing the investment climate.

Shenzhen’s Qianhai Cooperation Zone Expands Preferential IIT and CIT Policies


The Shenzhen Municipal Tax Bureau, Shenzhen Municipal Finance Bureau, and State Tax Administration have issued two notices broadening tax incentives for individuals and companies in the Qianhai Cooperation Zone.

China’s Third Plenum – Key Takeaways for Foreign Investors 


The Third Plenum vowed to implement myriad reform policies by 2029 to grow the economy, improve the private sector, boost foreign investment, reform the tax regime, and more.

EU-China Relations After the 2024 European Elections: A Timeline


Timeline tracking key developments affecting EU-China relations, including trade and business engagement, under the new European Parliament.

China’s Futuristic Industries: Investment Prospects in the Emerging Low-Altitude Economy


Key regions like Guangdong, Shenzhen, and Chengdu are spearheading development through substantial investments and regulatory support, despite challenges in infrastructure and safety.

China Offers Special Equipment Tax Incentive for Green and Digital Development


The new incentive allows companies to deduct investments in digital and smart upgrades of special equipment from their corporate income tax.

China’s New Ethical Guidelines for Human Genome Editing Research


China’s new Ethical Guidelines for Human Genome Editing emphasize regulations to address ethical concerns and ensure responsible research.

Unlocking Opportunities: Hainan’s 2024 Encouraged Industries Revealed


Hainan has officially launched the 2024 catalogue of encouraged industries, featuring 33 new additions compared to the 2020 edition.

Draft Standards for Personal Information Protection Compliance Audits – Key Guidelines for Companies


The new draft standards provide useful guidance for companies in China to carry out personal information protection compliance audits proposed under draft measures in 2023.

US-China Relations in the Biden Era: A Timeline


Timeline tracking key developments affecting US-China bilateral trade and business engagement under the Joe Biden administration.

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