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China Issues 24 New Measures to Attract Foreign Investment


China’s legislature has released a new action plan outlining measures to boost foreign investment in the country.

China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi to Visit Australia for Trade and Technology Talks


Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi is expected to visit Australia in late March, which will boost trade diplomacy between the two nations.

2024 Guidelines for Foreigners to Live and Work in China


The updated guidelines released by China’s Ministry of Commerce outline essential procedures and considerations for foreign businesspersons living and working in China, covering accommodations, visas, work permits, and emergency protocols.

China-Germany Bilateral Direct Investment: Trends and Outlook


China and Germany remain important investment partners, despite the mutual decline in FDI flows registered in 2023. We analyze recent trends and discuss the sectors that continue to drive bilateral investment.

China’s Economy Expands 5.3% in Q1 2024


China’s GDP expanded 5.3% in Q1 2024 thanks to strong manufacturing and services output, setting the country on track to reach its annual growth target.

Navigating China’s New Company Law: A Guide for Foreign Investors – New Publication Out Now


China’s New Company Law has far-reaching implications for businesses. In this publication, we guide foreign investors through the changes of the New Company Law for existing and new FIEs and relevant stakeholders.

Case Study: Strategy and Timing for Success in Cross-Border Dispute Resolution


Cross-border disputes have been increasing in China. This case study serves as a practical illustration of the available courses of action for foreign suppliers when their Chinese counterparts default on payments.

Shanghai’s Lingang New Area Launches First Cross-Border Data Service Center to Facilitate Data Export


The new cross-border data service center will provide consulting services to companies in Shanghai and facilitate data export.

Annual CIT Reconciliation in 2024 – A Brief Guide for Companies


Companies are advised to begin tax filing procedures as soon as possible to complete CIT reconciliation before the deadline of May 31, 2024.

Verification Letter of Invitation Requirement in the China Visa Process: A Brief Guide


A Verification Letter of Invitation is necessary for certain foreigners applying for M/F visas to China, particularly those from Middle East countries. We discuss who needs to apply, the application process, and the potential risks associated with this document.

China-Netherlands Relations: Bilateral Trade and Investments Overview


We discuss trade and investment relations between China and the Netherlands, areas of potential business growth, and standing challenges.

Cross-Border Dispute Resolution in China: Key Challenges and Strategies


Understanding the core aspects of cross-border dispute resolution process in China and implementing suitable strategies is imperative. We introduce the common types of cross-border disputes, explain the challenges for foreign investors, and provide practical tips.

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