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Social Insurance Compliance in China


The social security system in China consists of five different types of insurance, plus one mandatory housing fund.

Shenzhen Raises Minimum Wage Levels


Mar. 11 – Shenzhen has raised its monthly minimum wage levels by RMB100 to RMB1,600 from March 1, 2013, while its hourly minimum wages have been adjusted from RMB13.3 to RMB14.5. This news comes after Guangdong Province recently announced wage hikes of nearly 20 percent that would have seen Guangzhou overtake Shenzhen as the city with the […]

Guangdong Revises Minimum Wage Levels


The People’s Government of Guangdong will raise minimum wage levels across the province by an average of 19.1 percent from May 1, 2013. Detailed information can be found here.

A Complete Guide to China’s Minimum Wage Levels by Province, City, and District


As different parts of the country have very different living standards, China does not have a unified minimum wage level for the entire nation. Instead, the task of setting minimum wages falls on the shoulders of local governments. Each province, municipality, autonomous region, and even each district sets its own minimum wage level according to local conditions.

Update: Minimum Wage Hikes Across China


A number of local governments have decided to raise their minimum wage levels to new 2012 standards, in an effort to put up with the national annual minimum wage growth target of 13 percent set up in China’s latest 12th Five-year Plan on employment improvement.

Minimum Wage Levels Across China


The Chinese government, as a matter of national policy, has been increasing minimum wage levels by 15 percent to 25 percent annually for the past three years. How this is manifesting itself is an interesting case study, and we offer some interesting graphics to help visualize the current situation.

China Vows to Increase Wages and Improve Employment


Op/Ed Commentary: Vivian Ni Feb. 10 – In its latest 12th Five-Year Plan on Employment Improvement (“Plan”), China says it will continue working on increasing wage levels and controlling unemployment rates. Under these new targets, enterprises operating in China may face the challenge of increasing operational costs. Minimum wage and social welfare According to the […]

Shenzhen, Beijing Raise Minimum Wage Standards


On December 31, 2011, both Shenzhen and Beijing announced their new minimum wage standards for 2012. Following the adjustment, Shenzhen’s minimum wage standard will reach RMB1,500, the highest in the whole country.

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