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Shanghai Relaxes Permanent Residence Criteria for Applicants with PhD Degree


We discuss the requirements as Shanghai has updated its permanent residence application criteria to allow expatriates with PhD degrees and current employment in the city to apply.

China Permanent Residence Application: Explaining the Process in Shanghai


We explain the procedure for and benefits of obtaining a Chinese permanent residence ID card, with a focus on Shanghai.

Regional Demographic Trends in China: Birth Rates, Population Changes, and Domestic Migration


China’s population is shrinking, but not at the same rate in every region. We discuss the varying birth rates, aging populations, urbanization rates, and domestic migration patterns in China’s mainland provinces.

Shanghai Implements New Criteria for Permanent Residence Applications from May 1, 2023


Fuki Fu from Dezan Shira & Associates’ Shanghai office discusses Shanghai’s latest criteria for the permanent residence application for foreigners, which will apply starting from May 1, 2023.

Understanding How Employers Can Implement the Special Work Hour Systems in China


Adopting flexible or comprehensive work hour systems in China requires complying with local regulations. Dezan Shira & Associates’ Kelly Xu explains eligibility, approvals, and employee rights.

A Complete Guide to China’s Visa-Free Policies


With borders open again, we look at all of the China visa-free policies that are currently in place and clarify who is eligible to benefit from them.

China’s Changing Labor Market – Trends and Future Outlook


We look at the latest statistics on China’s labor force and discuss trends, shifting demographics, and changing attitudes among workers.

A Guide to Minimum Wages in China in 2023 (Last Updated on April 12, 2023)


We offer a guide to the minimum wage levels in Mainland China and discuss how labor costs are affected by changes to the minimum wage levels.

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