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China Unveils New Guidelines on Optimized Payment Services for Foreigners: An Overview


To optimize payment experiences for foreign visitors and businesses in China, the People’s Bank of China has recently released a set of guidelines detailing the payment methods currently accessible to foreign nationals across the mainland.

Navigating Hong Kong’s Annual Employer’s Return: Compliance and Best Practices


The Annual Employer’s Return filing in Hong Kong begins on the first working day of April and should be completed within one month. Employers are advised to start preparations early and allocate sufficient resources to meet this tight deadline.

Navigating Women’s Employment in China: Recent Advancements and Ongoing Challenges


China has made strides in facilitating the hiring of more women in the workforce, although gender discrimination challenges persist.

China Expanded Its 15-Day Visa-Free Travel Policy to 6 European Countries Including Switzerland


China has decided to expand its 15-day visa-free travel policy to six additional European countries on a trial basis, during the period between March 14 and November 30, 2024. 

2024 Guidelines for Foreigners to Live and Work in China


The updated guidelines released by China’s Ministry of Commerce outline essential procedures and considerations for foreign businesspersons living and working in China, covering accommodations, visas, work permits, and emergency protocols.

Preparing for the Year of the Dragon: HR Strategies and Travel Trends During Chinese New Year 2024


From arranging additional leave to issuing annual bonuses, here’s how HR teams can prepare for the eight-day Chinese New Year holiday.

China’s Social Security System: An Explainer


Companies based in China need to understand its complex social security system to stay compliant and maintain strong relations with employees. We address some frequently asked questions.

China and Thailand to Waive Visa Requirements Permanently from March


China and Thailand have agreed to a permanent visa-free policy starting March 2024, fostering diplomatic relations and stimulating economic activity in their respective tourism sectors. 

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