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Hong Kong’s New Visa and Property Tax Regulations to Attract Foreign Talents


Hong Kong’s new measures address current workforce shortages while simultaneously developing local talent, attracting foreign capital, and closing the skills gap.

Fixed-Term Contracts in the UK and China: FAQs


Our third episode in this series focuses on when a fixed-term contract becomes a continuous/indefinite-term contract in the UK and China.

China’s First Ever Private Pension Scheme – What You Need to Know


Beijing has announced a new private pension scheme to better serve the rapidly aging society, opening up new opportunities in the China pension market.

China’s Hukou Reform: Zhengzhou Could Become First Megacity to Relax Hukou Restrictions 


Zhengzhou may become the first Chinese megacity to declare a ‘zero threshold’ for hukou registration. 

What Content Should Be Included in All Employment Contracts in China and the UK?


Our second episode highlights the key content that should be included in all employment contracts in China and the UK.

How Can a Company in China Legally Collect Employee Personal Information?


We discuss the legal basis for companies in China collecting staff personal information as well as best practices to ensure compliance.

Drafting a Contract of Employment in China and the UK (Minimum Requirements)


Our latest video in the series focuses on contractual considerations while hiring in China and the UK. 

PU Letter Exemption for China Visa Applicants: Latest Updates


According to various sources, certain China visa categories do not require foreign travelers to apply for a PU Letter. Read for more details.

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