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What to Do When an Employee in China Gets Injured


Industrial accidents are unfortunately a common occurrence in China. Indeed, no matter where the workplace is, an accident may just be around the corner. As an employer, it is therefore important to know what to do if an employee gets injured, and what would happen if a company fails to perform these duties.

Outlook on Light Manufacturing in China: June 2015


Amidst an increasingly restive workforce on a wider range of issues, look for the central and provincial governments to address labor unrest with stricter inspections and by empowering local trade unions.

A Complete Guide to 2015 Minimum Wage Levels Across China


China Briefing releases an update of minimum wage levels across the People’s Republic of China every year, with the view of guiding foreign investors in their decision making. Minimum wages are updated throughout the year. In this article, we provide an overview of the new minimum wages as of May 2015.

The Intricacies of Maternity Leave across China: Regional Differences


All across China, the base length of maternity leave is 98 days. However, like many matters concerning human resources and social security, a significant part of maternity leave is regulated at the local level.

Hong Kong Announces Enhancement Measures for Immigration Policy


Hong Kong has recently announced that a set of new enhanced measures to its immigration policy will be implemented by the second quarter of 2015. These new measures are expected to build up “human capital” in Hong Kong by supporting the local workforce with foreign professionals.

Outlook on Light Manufacturing in China: May 2015


CascadeAsia reports on the latest trend in the light manufacturing sector in Asia. This month’s bulletin goes into unrest over the Dongguan housing fund and employees’ work safety concerns in Fujian.

Warming up to the Job: Employee Probation in China


In this article, we go into the probation period in Chinese labor contracts. A feature that is somewhat unfamiliar to foreign investors, the probation period lets an employer pay a new employee a lower salary, and allows for a lower bar to dismissal.

Social Security in China: What a Foreign Company Needs to Know


In China, it is now up to companies (including foreign companies) to contribute to an employee’s social welfare. In this article, we highlight what a firm’s obligations are and discuss how the system differs between Shanghai and Beijing.

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