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R&D Pharmaceutical Professionals in China Under the Microscope


By Direct HR Pharmaceutical companies are expanding their manufacturing and R&D facilities in China at a rate four times greater than the forecasted investment for the United States during 2015 – 2022. This has caused a surging demand for R&D professionals in China from both local and global pharma companies and CROs that are actively […]

Z and M Visa Issues: Seven Things to be Aware of When Employing Foreign Staff in China


This article will not go through all the processes involved when hiring a foreign national in China. Rather, it will run through some of the less well-known but potentially important considerations regarding hiring foreign staff in China.

Paternity Leave in China: Regional Policies and Differences


China does not have unified legislation for paternity leave. Paternity leave policies are implemented on a municipal or provincial level by local population and family planning regulations, and can vary from 0 to 30 days. Learn more about China’s paternity policies here.

How to Hire Part Time Employees in China


Part time work is not as common in China as it is in the West. From a legal perspective, regulations are not very comprehensive or detailed. However, the labor market in China is dynamic, changing, and influential. Foreign companies may thus find themselves in situations where employing part-time workers is advantageous.

The Extension of Labor Contracts in China: Legal Responsibilities and Risk Management


It is important for foreign companies to be aware of the hidden perils behind continued employment without a contract. This article discusses the correct procedures to prevent any further risks when extending a labor contract in China.

One Company, Two Systems – Hiring Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwanese Staff


There are a variety of reasons why a foreign investor might consider hiring staff from Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan. In this article, we walk investors through the procedures for hiring employees from these three locations and discuss the benefits offered to such employees working in China.

HR Concerns in China during the Restructuring Process


Except where the investor chooses to sell the company, a restructuring will mostly mean that employees will need to be laid off. The way employees are terminated, and the liabilities that the company has to incur, will differ depending on the situation.

Retaining Foreign Talent in China – Shanghai and Beijing Improve Foreign Residence Permit Rules


China’s first-tier cities trying to retain foreign talents: Find out more about the recent amendments introduced by Shanghai and Beijing municipal governments to their own Residence Permits for Foreign Talents in this article.

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