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Outsourced Secretarial Services for New Entrants to the Chinese Market


Newly established companies in China often lack their own secretary to complete basic tasks such as opening a bank account or Chinese translation. To fill this gap, a number of specialized service providers have begun contracting pay-on-demand secretarial services. Here, we compare the pros and cons of such these arrangements.

Additional Visa Requirements for Short Term Work in China


Starting next year, foreigners coming to China on short trips for work will need to apply for work visas in many cases, and submit additional documentation. The regulations implement a separate regime for artistic performers.

China Announces Official 2015 National Holiday Schedule


The Chinese government has just released the holiday schedule for 2015. The schedule differs in several instances to 2014’s calendar, with no compensated leave day for Mid-Autumn festival due to proximity to National Holiday.

Hong Kong Murders And Expatriate Psychological Issues in China


The recent murder of two Indonesian women in Hong Kong raises significant issues concerning the mental health issues of expatriates in China and the culpability of their respective companies’ HR departments. In this article, we examine the possible ramifications of the incident.

End of the Line: Terminating an Employee in China (Part 1)


Heightened pressure in China’s labor market means that employers are commonly required to terminate employees to optimize their business operations. Legally speaking, this is by no means an easy thing to do, especially under the comparatively stringent regulations on terminating employment contracts since 2008.

Guangdong Adjusts Base Figure for Social Insurance Contributions


Several major cities in Guangdong, including Shenzhen, Dongguan and Guangzhou, recently released details on their average wages in 2013, which are used as the base figures to calculate the minimum and maximum contributions to social insurance and housing funds for employees.

China’s Expat Makeup: It’s Evolving, Not Shrinking


There has been much commentary made over the state of China’s expatriate market recently, with suggestions that it is shrinking. On the contrary, China’s expat community isn’t shrinking, but rather evolving to meet the new demands of China’s increasingly consumer-driven market.

Ten Provinces Release Guidelines on Wage Increases for 2014


Ten provinces in China have released “guidelines on wage increases” for 2014 that lay out suggested wage increases for enterprises based on several factors.

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