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Terminating a Contract on the Grounds of Resume Fraud in China


Due largely to China’s increasingly competitive job market, the amount of cases of applicants falsifying their CVs has risen sharply in recent years. In this article, we examine the laws that govern resume fraud and detail how employers can protect themselves from it.

Special Feature: Firing Senior Management in China


When it comes to hiring and firing in China, foreign managers and investors should not hold preconceived ideas about the strictness of China’s laws.Firing senior managers is an especially complicated process in China that requires a thorough understanding of the country’s laws.

Labor Case Study: Terminating a Manager in China


Firing managers is an especially complicated process in China that requires a thorough understanding of the country’s laws. In this article, we present a case study that illustrates how a successful termination can be made.

Common Labor Issues Encountered During the Reduction of a Business’s Operations


During a downturn in the Chinese economy, shifting operations to a less expensive location can be particularly attractive for foreign investors. However, not all employees will be willing to be relocated, and problems often arise as a result.

China’s New ‘Family Planning’ Regulations: What They Contain and How They’ll Affect Foreign Businesses


The New Year has heralded significant reform to China’s family planning legislation, as the government looks to shift its course to a ‘two-child policy’ and re-balance China’s population. In this article, we discuss the new policy in detail and examine how it will impact foreign businesses.

Labor Dispute Management in China – New Issue of China Briefing Magazine


The latest issue of China Briefing Magazine, focusing on labor dispute management and resolution in China, is out now and currently available to subscribers as a complimentary download.

Overtime Payments and Regulations in China


In this article, we look into the overtime regulations in China, which are typically regulated under the People’s Republic of China Labor Laws and give readers a brief introduction of how to calculate overtime payments in the country.

China Announces 2016 Official Holiday Schedule


China’s General Office of the State Council released the “Circular on the Arrangement of Certain Holidays in 2016 (guobanfamingdian [2015] No.18)” on December 10 and announced the official national holiday schedule for 2016.

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