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China to Resume Approvals for Culture and Tourism Exchange Groups with Foreign Countries


China will resume the examination and approval of culture and tourism exchange groups with foreign countries from April 1, 2023. This is expected to accelerate the country’s reopening to the world and boost domestic economic recovery.

China’s Draft Certification Standards for Cross-Border Personal Information Transfer (Updated)


China’s standards committee has begun soliciting feedback on standards for third-party agencies to certify companies for personal information export.

China’s Corporate Social Credit System: What Businesses Need to Know


China’s corporate social credit system collects, aggregates, and analyzes data from businesses to create a score that determines rewards and punishments.

Chinese Advertising Law: Market Regulator Issues Guidelines on the Use of “Absolute Terms”


New guidelines for using superlatives in advertising in China set clearer boundaries for permitted use and help to reduce unfair penalties.

China Joins Apostille Convention, Simplifying the Use of Foreign Documents


China’s accession to the Convention simplifies authentication procedures required to use foreign documents for administrative matters in China.

China Resumes Accepting Applications for Commercial Performances


China has announced it will resume accepting applications for foreign performers to come to China, enabling the revival of the foreign performance and entertainment market.

2023 Two Sessions in China: How the State Council Has Been Restructured and Why


Under the State Council restructuring plan, there are major changes to the scope and functions of some government bodies and new ministries will be set up to strengthen regulatory oversight.

China Takes Steps to Empower Women: Latest Developments in Women’s Protection Law


As we mark Women’s Day worldwide, we look at China’s progress in safeguarding women’s rights.

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