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Company Legal Representatives in China – Risks and Legal Liabilities


The position of company legal representative comes with certain risks and legal liabilities. We explain what they are and how to mitigate them.

Hainan Province in China Allows Import of Urgently Needed Drugs and Medical Devices from May 1


Hainan will allow overseas medical devices, in vitro diagnostics (IVDs), and drugs that are unapproved at the national level – to be used exclusively in the Medical Tourism Pilot Zone. We discuss the specific conditions that apply.

New Facilitated Pick-up (Duty-Free) Policy in Effect in Chinese Province of Hainan


Hainan has announced two new ways to collect offshore duty-free items starting April 1, 2023 – with associated tax benefits.

Tips and Considerations for Patent Application in China


To help entrepreneurs and foreign investors protect their patents in China, we explain how the country’s patent system works and share key tips.

China’s Market Regulator Releases Supplementary Antitrust Regulations


China’s market regulator has released four new sets of antitrust regulations, strenghthening the Anti-Monopoly Law and raising compliance obligations for companies.

China to Resume Approvals for Culture and Tourism Exchange Groups with Foreign Countries


China will resume the examination and approval of culture and tourism exchange groups with foreign countries from April 1, 2023. This is expected to accelerate the country’s reopening to the world and boost domestic economic recovery.

China’s Draft Certification Standards for Cross-Border Personal Information Transfer (Updated)


China’s standards committee has begun soliciting feedback on standards for third-party agencies to certify companies for personal information export.

China’s Social Credit System: What Businesses Need to Know


China’s social credit system collects, aggregates, and analyzes data from businesses to create a score that determines rewards and punishments.

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