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New Rules to Facilitate Overseas IPOs for Chinese Companies


New trial measures may facilitate more Chinese companies to list on overseas stock exchanges by standardizing a previously legal grey area.

Is China’s ‘Tech Crackdown’ Over? Our 2023 Regulatory Outlook for the Sector


As China is shifting from a ‘tech crackdown’ to a possible tech-based economic recovery in 2023, we discuss potential impacts and valuable lessons for businesses and investors.

China Fully Implements New IPO Rules – Understanding the Registration-Based Mechanism for Public Listings (Updated)


China is reforming its IPO system and expanding the registration-based mechanism to more exchanges. We discuss the impact on companies and investors.

Amendments to China’s Trademark Law – Improving IP Use and Protection


New draft amendments to the China Trademark Law seek to curb the misuse of trademarks and improve China’s business environment. We explain how.

China’s Company Law – How the New Draft Revisions Could Impact Businesses


A new round of amendments to the China Company Law seeks to optimize the business environment in China. Here’s what companies need to know.

China has a New Plan to Strengthen its Data Economy


A new set of guidelines provides details on building basic data systems in China. We explain their significance for foreign investment.

Key Considerations for Foreign Equity Investment in China


We provide in-depth analysis and practical advice for foreign investors who engage in foreign equity investment in China.

10 New Laws Starting January 1 That May Affect Your Business in China


We list 10 new laws and regulations that may impact business operations in China, expand market access, and regulate industries – starting January 1, 2023.

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