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Hong Kong Signs Tax Treaties with Netherlands, Brunei


Mar. 29 – Hong Kong recently signed tax agreements with Brunei and the Netherlands for the avoidance of double taxation and the prevention of fiscal evasion of income tax. The deals come at the urging of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, which has asked China’s Special Administrative Region to incorporate a more transparent […]

New Bonded Logistics Center Established in Zhongshan


Mar. 29 – The bonded logistics center of Zhongshan became operational at the beginning of 2010 as one of the city’s 11th five-year plan key projects. Under the supervision of the General Administration of Customs (GAC), the bonded logistics center is operated by one legal enterprise. It is also joined by many enterprises which are […]

Property Deed Tax Incentives for First Time Buyers Clarified


Mar. 25 – The Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation recently issued a notice clarifying who qualifies for tax incentives when purchasing ordinary housing for the first time. The Circular on Deed Tax Policy Concerning Initial Purchases of Common Housing (Finance Circular [2010] No. 13) stipulates that for two or more individuals […]

Residential Land Sales Temporarily Halted


BEIJING, Mar. 24 – The Ministry of Land and Resources has announced a temporary ban on housing sales, renewing measures to cool soaring real estate prices. “Residential land supply will increase and low-income housing projects will top local governments’ agendas,” Yun Xiaosu, vice minister of land and resources, said during a video-conference on Monday. He […]

Guangzhou Proposes Collective Bargaining Legislation


Mar. 24 – The Guangzhou Federation of Trade Unions has formulated a draft ruling to regulate collective negotiations of labor relationships through legislation. The draft, “Regulations of Guangzhou Municipality for Collective Negotiations for Labor Relationships,” specifically regulates collective negotiations on wages and provides for the comprehensive promotion of industry associations, employers and trade unions in […]

Guangdong Province Adjusts Minimum Wage


GUANGZHOU, Mar. 23 – The Guangdong provincial government has announced that it will adjust the minimum wage levels in the province starting May 1, 2010. All districts across the province are required to follow the new standards. Where conditions permit, the district authorities may raise the appropriate criteria but will not lower the minimum wages […]

New Regulations for Zhuhai-Macau Industrial Zone to be Released


Mar. 22 – China’s General Administration of Customs announced order No. 189 on March 15, revising the administrative measures for customs in the Zhuhai Zone of the Zhuhai-Macau Cross-border Industrial Zone. According to the new measures, which take effect May 1, 2010, business scopes in the Zhuhai Zone can no longer cover disassembly or refurbishment. […]

Social Insurance and Other SME Policy Changes Introduced in Wuxi


Mar. 19 –In order to alleviate the impact of the financial crisis on employment, the state government in Wuxi has introduced new measures to reduce the burden on enterprises and stabilize the employment situation. The policies plan to achieve the following. Extend social insurance policies and alleviate the social security burden on enterprises Continue social […]

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