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China Briefing Books Now Downloadable in PDF


Jul. 20 – The complete series of China Briefing’s popular legal, tax and regional guides are now available for purchase via PDF downloads here. Published since 2003 and regularly updated, available titles include guides to the legal procedures and investment implications of establishing Representative Offices, Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprises, Joint Ventures, Mergers & Acquisitions, Intellectual […]

China’s FDI Plateaus as Investment Demographics Shift


By Chris Devonshire-Ellis SHANGHAI, Jul. 17 – China’s foreign direct investment and the nature of its GDP growth are showing signals of permanent change as the world gradually lifts itself out of the global recession. Dezan Shira & Associates has just released its half year figures and they make for interesting reading in terms of […]

High-Speed Trains Cut Travel Time to Central China and YRD


Mar. 25 – Two new high-speed railways will slash travel time to Central China and the Yangtze River Delta when they begin operations on April 1. The two new railways are the Hefei-Wuhan passenger railway and the Shijiazhuang-Taiyuan railway that connects the north and the west. A journey from Wuhan to Shanghai will be cut […]

China’s Postal Savings Bank to Play Key Role in Spreading Rural Wealth


Feb. 26 – China’s Postal Savings Bank, a relatively obscure yet powerful entity formed in 2007, will be the main infrastructure driver for getting income into rural areas under the country’s economic stimulus plan. The bank, which was initially capitalized at RMB20 billion, was formed following a restructuring of the State Post Bureau, and consequently […]

China’s Northern and Inland Provinces Recession Free


Central Avenue, Harbin’s pedestrianized shopping center, is booming with many international and Chinese luxury brands and boutiques lining both sides of this historic street By Chris Devonshire-Ellis and Andy Scott Jan. 3 – China Briefing and Dezan Shira & Associates staff have spent much of the past few days during the holiday season traveling around […]

Wuhan’s Time Has Come – City Business Overview


Nov. 14 – Wuhan, the central Chinese inland capital city of Hubei province, has been generating interest recently as a major recipient of much of China’s stimulus package and also as an increasingly attractive recipient of foreign investment looking to sell further onto the domestic market. It is the seventh largest city in the country […]

Manzhouli: China’s Largest Inland Port of Entry


Oct. 7 – Although its name is obscure, Manzhouli is an important gateway for business in Inner Mongolia and receives 60 percent of all of China’s trade to and from Russia and the rest of Eastern Europe. It is the country’s largest inland port of entry. Manzhouli borders the Russian city of Zabaykalsk with a […]

Chinese Gov’t Policies to Help Large-scale Agribusiness


July 2 – The Sichuan earthquake is likely to hurt small livestock farms in rural China, with medium-sized to large livestock farms emerging as a new trend says an executive of Thailand’s largest agricultural conglomerate.China’s modernization of the farm sector will affect the key agricultural provinces of Hunan, Hubei, Shanxi, Jiangxi and Anhui says Damrongdej […]

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