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Why is ERP Important for Operating a China Business?


ERP adoption is rapidly gaining traction in China as a strategic tool to navigate market uncertainties and promote organizational efficiencies in the aftermath of COVID-19. We guide you in choosing the right ERP approach for your business.

China Monthly Tax Brief: September 2023


In this China Monthly Tax Brief, we discuss the roll-out or extension of 16 tax policies announced in September and support measures for FIE enterprises liberalizing cross-border capital flows and optimizing the foreign investment environment.

Q&A: Key Points Regarding Dividends Derived by Non-Resident Enterprises in China


We list some of the most frequently asked questions that non-resident enterprises may have when obtaining dividends from China.

Managing Tax Avoidance Arrangements in China: Practical Considerations for Businesses


We introduce tax avoidance arrangements as defined by Chinese tax authorities, discuss standard procedures for special tax investigations related to arrangements lacking reasonable commercial purposes, and provide practical suggestions for mitigating associated tax risks.

Tax Implications for Chinese Permanent Residence ID Card Holders


We discuss the tax residency status of foreigners with a Chinese Permanent Residence ID Card and their tax liability on worldwide income in the country.

China Announces New Additional VAT Deduction for Advanced Manufacturing Companies 


China’s tax authorities have announced a new additional 5% VAT deduction for companies in the advanced manufacturing sector.

China’s New Draft VAT Law – How is it Different from Previous Tax Regulations?


The new draft version of the China VAT law makes some major changes to existing tax regulation. Here’s how it could impact businesses.

China Monthly Tax Brief: August 2023


In August 2023, over 30 tax policies and guidelines were released by China’s Ministry of Finance (MOF), State Taxation Administration (STA), and other departments.

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